Cloud Data Transfer

Introduction to Cloud Data Transfer

Today's enterprises have a variety of reasons for replicating or migrating data from on-premises systems to cloud platforms. Common use cases for cloud data transfer include data migrations and cloud-based analytics. While the use cases are diverse, a common theme for too many businesses is that cloud initiatives fall short of expectations due to the challenges and complexities of implementing bulk and/or real-time cloud data transfer. These challenges are exacerbated when organizations wish to transfer data from a variety of source systems to multiple target cloud platforms.

Reducing the Complexity, Costs, and Risks of Cloud Data Transfer

To accelerate and ensure a positive return on cloud initiatives, enterprises need a way to make cloud data transfer fast, affordable and reliable. Qlik Replicate®, available on cloud marketplaces as Qlik CloudBeam, does exactly that by simplifying and automating the process of moving data from your data center to the cloud.

For organizations planning cloud initiatives or trying get a better return on cloud projects already underway, Qlik Replicate and Qlik CloudBeam offer:

  • Unified control over data transfer from any source to any major cloud platform. Through a single solution, Qlik provides GUI-based configuration and execution of cloud data transfer from any on-premises system to all leading cloud platforms, without any manual coding or expertise required. On the source side, Qlik supports data replication from any major RDBMS, data warehouse system, or mainframe system. On the destination side, Qlik provides unified support for the Amazon, Microsoft, and Google clouds, including for example support for AWS Redshift ETL, or ETL for Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

  • Performance, security, and reliability. Cloud data transfer with Qlik Replicate/CloudBeam features compression and other WAN/internet performance optimizations, industry-standard encryption to safeguard data in flight and support for data transfer monitoring.

  • Bulk load and real-time incremental data transfer. Qlik Replicate/CloudBeam supports bulk cloud ETL as well as real-time cloud data replication through an innovative change data capture (CDC) technology that places minimal burden on your source systems.

  • On-premise and cloud-to-cloud data transfer. The same Qlik solution that simplifies and automates data transfers from your data center to the cloud also supports data transfers within or between your data centers as well as cloud data transfer from one cloud platform to another (such as from AWS RDS or S3 to AWS Redshift or EMR).

Qlik: The Proven Cloud Data Transfer Solution

To minimize risk and maximize return on investment for cloud data migration and cloud data integration initiatives, you need a cloud data transfer solution you can count on completely. Qlik is proven in the field, with more than 2000 businesses small and large – including half of the Fortune 500 – using Qlik technology daily. Qlik has earned recognition from Gartner and other leading industry analysts for its innovative and dependable data replication and integration solutions, and the major cloud vendors offer Qlik through their marketplaces.

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