Cloud Data Synchronization

While storing data in the cloud provides many benefits for enterprises, it also provides a significant challenge for IT teams: cloud data synchronization.

Enterprises in every vertical are looking to the cloud to reduce storage costs, improve scalability, increase availability and deliver business intelligence and IoT data analytics. But cloud storage solutions can also burden IT teams who must integrate data from many disparate sources and manage large data transfers without impacting production on source systems. And to ensure that users, applications and analytics platforms have fast access to real-time data, IT teams must have a superior solution for cloud data synchronization.

In the past, IT teams have tried to meet the challenge of cloud data synchronization with a number of integration tools, including ETL technology. But this assortment of solutions tends to be complex and time-consuming to handle, frequently requiring manual scripting and constant management. As a result, cloud data synchronization tasks can easily strain IT resources and tie up talented developers with tedious and error-prone tasks.

To simplify cloud data synchronization, Qlik offers a powerful solution for universal data replication and ingestion in Qlik Replicate®.

Simplify cloud data synchronization with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate is an environment and data modernization solution that moves data at high speed across all major source and target platforms. With a single “Click to Load” interface, Qlik Replicate automates the replication process from end to end, enabling administrators and data architects to quickly and easily configure, control and monitor bulk uploads and cloud data synchronization with no manual coding.

Qlik accomplishes cloud data synchronization with Change Data Capture (CDC) technology, copying updates as they occur in the source data or metadata in applying them in real-time to the target endpoint in the cloud. Streamlined and agentless configuration and zero-footprint architecture help to eliminate or minimize impact on source database production, and features for intelligent management and control enable administrators to design, execute and monitor thousands of tasks across a distributed data center and cloud environments. Qlik supports all major cloud platforms, mainframe systems and RDBMS, making it an ideal solution for Change Data Capture in SQL Server.

CDC options for cloud data synchronization

When managing cloud data synchronization with CDC database Streaming technology, Qlik provides a number of options, including:

  • Log-based capture that reads the recovery log of the source endpoint management system and groups interest together for each transaction.
  • Query-based capture, for use where data warehouses don’t generate transaction logs.
  • Transactional CDC, an option for standard database targets were transactional consistency is valued over high-performance.
  • Batch CDC, for cases where high transaction rates and low latency are required.
  • Data warehouse ingest-merge, which adds a final step to the batch CDC process by leveraging target data warehouses performance-optimize native utilities as data is delivered.
  • Message-encoded CDC, for Apache Kafka and other streaming systems that ingest high data volumes from many data sources.

Qlik Replicate: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication & Loading