The Qlik Data Integration platform for managed data lakes automates the process of providing continuously updated, accurate, and trusted data sets for business analytics. Data engineers have the agility to quickly add new sources and ensure success at every step of the data lake pipeline from real-time data ingestion, to refinement, provisioning, and governance.

Delivering the Agile Data Lake

Rapid design, deployment, and data management without coding

Real-time data streams for faster, better insights

Change data capture provides a real-time backbone to accelerate data movement to your lake from the widest variety of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses, and enterprise sources like mainframe and SAP.

  • Change data capture
  • Universal sources, targets and platforms
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

Automated and continuous refinement

Qlik standardizes and combines change streams into a single transformation-ready data store in the lake. It automatically merges multi-table and/or multi-sourced data into a flexible format and structure while retaining full history. The resulting persisted data history provides data consumers with rapid access to trusted data, including full lineage, without needing to understand the automated structuring that has taken place.

  • Pipeline automation and orchestration
  • Resilient and self healing
  • Prepare and provision at scale

Trusted, enterprise-ready data

Qlik Catalog™ builds a secure, enterprise-scale catalog of all the data in your lake and throughout your organization, no matter where it resides. Business users get a single, go-to data marketplace to easily find, understand, and use any enterprise data source to gain insights.

  • Smart, integrated data catalog
  • Security and governance
  • IT and business collaboration

Built on industry-leading capabilities

  • Real-time change data capture

    Qlik Replicate™ provides the real-time change data capture (CDC) to generate streams of data into your managed data lakes.

  • Automation not coding

    Qlik Compose™ generates the necessary ELT code in Apache Spark to standardize and combine change streams into a single analytics-ready data lake.

  • Data catalog and governance

    Qlik Data Catalyst® provides a secure, enterprise-scale catalog for all of your source and derived data sets in the lake and beyond.

  • Monitoring and control

    Qlik Enterprise Manager™ is your command center to configure, execute and monitor data replication and transformation tasks across the enterprise.

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