Qonnected Qonnections 2018

An IoT tinted view of the greatest show on earth

Wow! that’s a wrap on this year’s Qonnections 2018, once again I joined the 3000 strong customers and partners in Orlando, Florida to hear what's new and learn more about all things Qlik. Here are my personal highlights from this awe-inspiring event with a focus from all things IoT related, of course.

There were many great announcements during the keynote but two stood out for me that would accelerate IoT analytics for Data in motion and Data in Use – a.k.a Real-Time. These were the beta release of Qlik Core™ and the upcoming Associative Big Data Index

Qlik Core™ is a real game changer for Qlik in today’s Analytics economy bringing the Qlik Associative engine to the very edge of the network running on devices like the Raspberry PI.

There was a great example on this introduced on the main stage of Qlik Core running on a PI measuring sensor data from an exercise bike and visualizing it in real-time. The bike was then made available in the Discovery Expo for the duration of the event with Qlik donating $50 for every mile ridden, from the keynote to the end of Qonnections, to We See Hope, smashing the target of $10,000 – you can see the app powered by Qlik core and the results by visiting http://bike.qlik.com

I also met up with my good friend Mike Prorock from Mesur.io who showed me their amazing solution, ‘Earthstream’ utilising Qlik Core in their new mobile app delivering sensor data combining other data like localised weather forecasts to growers in real time.

I for one can’t wait to see what other use cases unfold for the rest of this year as Qlik Core rolls out of beta onto release.

The Associative Big Data Index will eat up big data repositories and spit out Qlik Associative experiences across large data sets in seconds without loading all the data into memory, delivering always-on access to data potentially even streaming data. Currently in Alpha and soon to go beta, you will be hearing a lot more within 2018, so stay tuned.

Missed the keynote or want to see it again? The video from the live-stream is available on-demand here

My other favourite parts of Qonnections was having the Qlik IoT car race game come to Qonnections, drawing even larger crowds and the Innovation showcase; in here were a bunch of innovators from partners and Qlik R&D; to call out just a few;

Qudos to Congizant who were showcasing their “1Facility Platform” delivering actionable insights for Smart Buildings, despite the many IoT expos I have attended, this was the first time I have seen a vendor take the time to rig up the event floor with sensors to show their solution working in a real-world scenario in real-time so we could see data like the footfall traffic around the hall to temperature readings using Qlik to visualize on a floor plan.

I witnessed an interesting integration with Compellon – whose platform offers collaborative artificial intelligence technology – Where Qlik dashboards delivered real-time manufacture tracking intelligence based on sensor data and delivered recommendations directly from Compellon to help lower defects, increasing quality output and therefore yield.

And I saw a disruptive demo from Transity – an innovative startup consulting group who are using Qlik to gain insights on traffic flows using anonymised sensor data from mobile phone signals and a “commutability” score to improve the likes of bus routes to cycle lanes by finding the optimal commute times.

To quote my pal and colleague, Josh Good, these were ‘a few of my favourite things’ showing just how qonnected Qonnections 2018 was this year. With all this going on I can only begin to imagine what lies ahead for Qonnections 2019.

There were many fascinating announcements at Qonnections 2018 this year. @AdamMayerwrk hones in Qlik's advancements in IoT.

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