Qlik Forts – Expanding Ability of Microsoft Azure Customers to Activate More Data for Insights with Cloud Analytics Anywhere in the World

By Securely Bringing Cloud Analytics Next to Sovereign, Governed and Regulated Data, Customers Can Expand Their Use of Cloud Analytics in Azure Where Their Data Resides

The combination of Qlik and Microsoft Azure is a proven winner for customers looking to accelerate data to the cloud for analytics. In fact, Qlik was recently named the Finalist for the 2021 Microsoft Analytics Partner of the Year Award for our work with customers like Ferguson Enterprises, helping to drive their data estate modernization and enable enterprise-wide analytics.

Like most companies making the move to the cloud, customers leveraging Microsoft Azure are always looking to expand the scope and type of data they can bring into the cloud for analytics. Chief among these is SAP data, and customers like Green Tweed are leveraging the power of Qlik and Microsoft Azure to open up new insights by combining SAP data with other sources for deeper analytics through the cloud.

With the launch of Qlik Forts, Azure customers have yet another compelling reason to rely on the combined power of Qlik and Microsoft.

Customers leveraging Azure as part of their cloud analytics strategies want to enable access to even more of their crucial, mission critical data for analysis. However, much of this data is being locked away in local data silos for a variety of reasons. Those reasons range from sovereignty and governance requirements, regulatory needs or existing infrastructure investments that make the egress costs to the cloud prohibitive. These barriers, which hold off and limit analytics as a service efforts, are eliminated with Qlik Forts.

“Organizations that leverage Microsoft Azure consistently seek more efficient ways to break down data silos in order to expand their use of cloud analytics,” said Casey McGee, Vice President, ISV Partner Sales at Microsoft. “We are pleased that Qlik Forts powerful cloud analytics solution now provides customers with a secure path to make more of their essential data available in Microsoft Azure.”

Qlik Forts extends the value of cloud analytics to all an organization’s data. It increases the value of customers’ investments in Azure by bringing cloud analytics to the data. Qlik Forts can reside on an organization’s network and behind the firewall, and all applications, data connections and data files in use stay local to the Fort, supporting any data location requirement possible. With all applications, data connections and data files in use staying local to the Fort, Qlik Forts creates a secure way for cloud analytics to be executed within the Azure tenant.

This means the Fort can be deployed in Azure wherever it makes sense for the customer, eliminating a crucial hurdle to cloud analytics adoption. Customers make strategic investments in Azure as their platform of choice, and Qlik Forts reinforces the value of that choice by allowing customers to execute cloud analytics without moving the data, protecting existing investments, controlling costs, and maintaining data security and governance standards. For Azure customer, Forts delivers many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced performance for users by bringing the Qlik compute close to the data in Azure public cloud services or customer VPC
  • Reduction in egress costs with the compute located next to the data, eliminating the need to take the data out of the cloud
  • Extending a seamless experience with Qlik Cloud to customers using Azure public cloud services or VPC on Azure
  • Cost certainty by keeping negotiated compute costs in place since running the Fort in their tenant means they leverage their negotiated price.

And since Qlik Forts is deployed locally and through a single set of credentials, users across the world have an equally rich and consistent experience with low latency and high performance.

Qlik Forts enables organizations to leverage modern cloud analytics across all their data in Azure, keeping essential data where it lives while setting a path to expanding cloud analytics adoption on the organization’s timeline. To learn more about the combination of Qlik and Azure, visit our Qlik Analytics with Azure page.

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