Qlik Forts and AWS – Expanding the Value of Customer AWS Cloud Investments with Cloud Analytics for Any Data, Anywhere

With Its Ability to Securely Bring Cloud Analytics to Data No Matter Where It Lives, AWS Customers Can Leverage Qlik’s Cloud Analytics Anywhere in the World While Meeting Sovereignty and Regulatory Requirements

Leading customers are making the move to the cloud, and the migration is only going to accelerate. In fact, through 2022, Gartner projects the market size and growth of the cloud services industry at nearly three time the growth of overall IT services.

One of the major benefits of moving more data into the cloud is the ability to scale access to data for analytics to employees across the globe, driving collaboration and insight sharing for more widespread data-driven decision making.

Many customers are seeing the value in combining their investment in AWS with Qlik Cloud analytics to drive what we call Active Intelligence - where technology and processes trigger immediate action from real-time, up-to-date and trusted data.

As these customers benefit from the scale, cost savings and flexibility of combining AWS and Qlik Cloud, they want to access even more of their crucial, mission critical data for analysis.

As organizations evaluate what other data to make available in the cloud, there are a variety of barriers that quickly appear - be it sovereignty and governance requirements, regulatory needs or existing infrastructure investments that make the egress costs to the cloud prohibitive. These barriers keep data silos around key enterprise data in place.

With the debut of Qlik Forts, AWS customers like Dorel Homes that use Qlik’s cloud analytics now have a solution to eliminate these barriers and make even more of their data available to cloud analytics at scale.

“Competing on a global scale in the ever-evolving home furnishings industry means having an optimized ecosystem that includes raw goods procurement, overseas manufacturing and distribution, and supplier and vendor management,” says Chris Brunton of Dorel Home. “Qlik Forts can help maintain data governance and regulatory compliance while delivering the analytics capabilities to gain a holistic view of the health and performance of the entire business.”

Qlik Forts is a feature which extends the value of Qlik Cloud to all an organization’s data. It can reside on an organization’s network and behind the firewall, and all applications, data connections and data files in use stay local to the Fort, supporting any data location requirement possible. And since all applications, data connections and data files in use stay local to the Fort, it creates a secure way for cloud analytics to be executed on local data. This gives customers assurance that their data managed in Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS or other data services on AWS stays in their own AWS tenant or VPC.

With the Fort deployed in AWS wherever it makes sense for the customer, a crucial hurdle in cloud analytics adoption can be cleared. Customers make significant investments in AWS as their platform of choice, and Qlik Forts reinforces the value of that choice by allowing customers to execute cloud analytics without moving data to an analytics vendor’s cloud, protecting existing investments, controlling costs, and maintaining data security and governance standards. For AWS customers, Forts delivers many benefits, including:

  • A better user experience with enhanced performance by bringing the Qlik compute close to the data in AWS public cloud services or customer VPC
  • Reduced egress costs by bringing the compute to the data vs taking the data out
  • Extending a seamless experience with Qlik Cloud to customers using AWS public cloud services or Virtual Private Cloud on AWS

Ability to leverage lower compute costs they have negotiated with AWS, since running the Fort in their tenant means they leverage their negotiated price.

And since Qlik Forts is deployed locally and through a single set of credentials, users across the world have an equally rich and consistent experience with low latency and high performance.

Qlik Forts enables organizations to leverage modern cloud analytics across all their data in AWS, keeping essential data where it lives while setting a path to further adopting cloud analytics on the organization’s timeline. To learn more about the combination of Qlik Sense and AWS, visit AWS Marketplace: Qlik Sense Enterprise - SaaS (amazon.com).

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