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Qlik Celebrates Earth Week 2023 and Raises Over $7,000 for Environmental Causes!

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We are accountable for our impact on the environment, and we must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and sustain our water, air, and land for future generations.

Throughout the week of April 17th – 22nd, Qlik colleagues from around the globe and participants at QlikWorld focused on activities that create change and taught new behaviors to sustain the positive impact. We measured all of this using Qlik! Here’s a quick summary of activity highlights and our results.

  • 218 Qlikkies from 55 cities and 19 countries participated to help support a healthy planet

  • 77 customers at QlikWorld participated reducing waste and made commits to recycle

  • Our Qlik app tracked the footprint of waste reduction and other efforts with ability to change a variable to see the impact

Qlik Barcelona Completes 100km to fight climate change!

Qlik colleagues took part in the recent 100km Oxfam Trailwalk in Barcelona. Two Qlik teams (made up of Qlikkies Dany Bancheraut, Holly Johnson, Amandine Lafond, Alejandro C. Alvaro, Palacios Morales, Jennifer Sowka, Kevin Damming, Philipp Deider, Patrick Yerby, Max Wintersperger) participated in the walk for charity taking over 24 hours and were supported by many colleagues with water, supplies and positive energy.

Photo of Qlik team participants celebrating

Qlik Tel Aviv raises money for charity by keeping office material from landfills!

Qlik employees donated over $1,000 to charitable causes in exchange for used office materials and equipment including electronics and furniture. The campaign was very successful and kept these materials from ending up in landfills!

QlikWorld Sustainability 2023

This year, the Qlik team took a serious approach to environmental responsibility at our event by implementing various sustainability measures including providing best practice guidelines for all participants including sponsors and partners. Specific initiatives to support the low-caron event included:

  • minimizing waste by eliminating single-use plastic bottles and reducing overall single-use plastic consumption, achieving a 98% plastic-free event,

  • adopting eco-friendly practices for paper products with digital surveys and QR code table signs, while eliminating non-sustainable paper cups and paper handouts,

  • sourcing merchandise from responsible vendors and reusing furniture and booth structures including signage, backdrops and carpet, and

  • aligning with sustainable catering options including locally sourced drinking water through water stations and aluminum bottles and donating or composting leftover food.

Qlik appreciates all those who participated in our sustainability efforts. We’re only just beginning as we will continue use our Qlik Sense Greener Events app to track sustainability efforts going forward. Watch this space for more as we launch the QlikWorld Tour coming to a city near you in July through October 2023!

This year, the Qlik team took a serious and data-fueled approach to environmental responsibility during Earth Week 2023!

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