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Let's Talk Sustainability: Join Us at Qlik Connect for an Eco-Friendly Opportunity

Julie Kae

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Julie Kae

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At Qlik, sustainability is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

As we prepare for the upcoming Qlik Connect event, June 3-5, we're excited to showcase our commitment to sustainability through thought leadership, sustainable business practices, and innovative solutions for our customers.

If like us, you're passionate about making a positive impact on the planet, then you're in for a treat. Qlik Connect is just around the corner, and we're rolling out the green carpet with sessions and lots of opportunities for you to engage with like-minded people.

1. Dive into sustainable solutions

At Qlik, we're not just talking about sustainability – we're making it happen with our customers and partners:

Can’t miss ESG sessions at Qlik Connect

Below are just a few examples that will be on display at Qlik Connect in breakouts and within the Sustainability booth at the Connect Expo:

  • C40 Cities (Tuesday, June 4th – Helping Cities with C40 Cities at 2pm): Qlik is critical in our mission to help cities across the globe confront the climate crisis. As an agent for climate leadership, C40 gathers and analyzes all kinds of data, producing key knowledge and insights that are acted upon and shared in intelligent ways to enable decisive climate actions around the globe.

  • Van Oord (Tuesday, June 4th – Climate Risk Assessment with Van Oord at 3pm): Van Oord, the leading global maritime contractor, has developed the COP28 release of its open Climate Risk Overview Tool, with Qlik, as a central aspect of its drive to protect coastal societies and ecosystems at risk from climate change, while also supporting its sustainable growth strategy. The tool was developed to create a better world for future generations, allowing cross-filtering between traditionally siloed disciplines: flood protection and nature conservation.

  • Direct Relief (Wednesday, June 5th – Power for Health with Direct Relief at 2pm): Andrew Schroeder from Direct Relief will explore the transformative impact of data in global health and humanitarian aid. Learn how data-driven insights have shaped Direct Relief's crisis responses and discover how data and AI are at the forefront of Direct Relief's Power for Health initiative.

2. Building a sustainable future together at Qlik Connect

As well as inspiration customer and partner example, Qlik Connect itself is a showcase for our practical approach to sustainability. We've gone net-zero on CO2 emissions since 2022 and we're all about minimizing waste and going eco-friendly. At this year’s Qlik Connect, we're minimizing waste by eliminating single-use plastic bottles and reducing overall single-use plastic consumption, adopting eco-friendly practices for paper products, sourcing merchandise from responsible vendors, and aligning with sustainable catering options.

There are also plenty of opportunities for our Qlik Connect community to promote and celebrate our diversity with our initiatives like #WomenWhoQlik and upcoming Pride Month festivities.

3. Empowering customers with sustainable solutions

Curious about how data can drive sustainability for your business? Swing by our ESG Solutions demo at the Qlik Connect Expo. We'll show you how we're helping companies like yours hit those ESG targets and we promise there isn’t a spreadsheet in sight. Get a taste through James Fisher’s blog here.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun at Qlik Connect and let's make the world a little greener, one step at a time!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly meaningful. Register for Qlik Connect today and let's grab our opportunity together.

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