Know Your Data: Expanding Beyond Covid

Understanding The Data Behind The Polls

Welcome back to episode two of our new and expanded Know Your Data series – and this week we’re looking at something on top of everyone’s minds right now as the United States heads to the voting booths: polling.

With the U.S. Presidential Election imminent, we wanted to help everyone understand the data behind the polling figures we’re seeing right now – after all, we all remember the 2016 election, where the result ended up looking very different to the numbers released even just the day before. Why did this happen? And, what data should you be paying attention to, to allow you to interpret the headlines correctly?

Tune in as Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter Alan Schwarz and I discuss the key points to consider about polling data. From random sampling, to sampling bias and the margin of error, we discuss how it all applies to the data you’re seeing across the headlines.

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How to best understand U.S. #Presidential #election #pollingdata? Hear @KevinHanegan & @alanschwarz discuss how to interpret that data responsibly.

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