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Highlights from a gem of a session: Qlik and Talend at Gartner London

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At three full days and nearly 4,000 registered attendees, Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023 in London was the largest data and analytics summit in EMEA to date. That much interest in data and analytics thrills us, of course — but it was also exciting because it was one of our first major events following the announcement that Talend has been acquired by Qlik. There was a lot to talk about! 

Solution Provider session: Data quality and data management that shines

While many Gartner D&A Summit attendees were already familiar with Talend’s strength in data integration, they got the chance to see that our data management capabilities run much deeper — and what’s possible with Talend has only increased since joining forces with Qlik.  

Together, Talend and Qlik offer a full portfolio of complete, flexible, trusted solutions to meet the need for modern data management. As an event speaker, Talend Vice President of Product Management for Enterprise Products, Daniel Mayer shared our point of view on what to look for in a data quality and data governance solution. 

Achieving successful business outcomes and making informed decisions requires trustworthy, high-quality data. However, achieving data quality can be complex and time-consuming. In his talk, he drew an analogy with diamonds. 

High-grade diamonds are precious. High-quality data is also precious, since it enables high-quality business decisions. Interestingly, the hurdles of shaping a rough stone into a faceted gem mirror the challenges of delivering impeccable data quality.  

Just as diamond cutting and polishing demands extensive expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to ethical practices, successful data management calls for overcoming fragmented data landscapes, diligently cleansing and enriching data, and navigating complex compliance needs.  

Whether you’re working with diamonds or data, these are complex processes. To deliver stunning results, you’ll need unbeatable expertise.

As attendees learned, Talend's expertise is deeply embedded in our unified approach to data quality and governance, involving both observability as well as remediation capabilities, which are foundational to building first-class data products. The session audience saw how, with the right platform, organizations can elevate business outcomes and improve compliance with less effort.

Qlik | Talend: Insight into the acquisition 

With the summit happening soon after the announcement of Qlik acquiring Talend, interest in what that means for current and future customers was running high. Given the close proximity of our booths, it was easy for attendees to visit both to get the full scope of Qlik and Talend’s combined capabilities. A few of those key points: 

  • The Qlik product line is complementary to Talend Data Integration and extends the capabilities in many areas, with broad expertise in analytics, automation and AI. We are excited about the strength and depth of our future combined offering and the value it will bring to your business.

  • Talend is committed to supporting every customer’s existing investments. We are confident in the added value we can bring through the combination of Talend and Qlik’s market-leading solutions.

  • We will continue to remain open to virtually any data source, target, architecture, or methodology. This will ensure you always have the data you need, whenever you need it and from any tool of choice. 

  • Additionally, our solutions drive clear and predictable value from your data while supporting your critical security and compliance needs. Whether you’re modernizing your cloud data infrastructure, building a data warehouse or lake, ensuring regulatory compliance, or developing an internal data marketplace, Qlik and Talend  can help. 

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