From Big Data to Better Diet

How analytics helps one SMB get produce from the farm to your table.

What does big data have to do with a healthy diet? More than you might think – I’d like to highlight a recent story that’s too delicious not to tell.

Nature’s Pride is an SMB that specializes in the ripening, packaging and distribution of exotic fruits and vegetables. In order to do this, and ensure consumers aren’t receiving rotten pieces of produce, it’s imperative that they can track the supply chain from grower to consumer. Prior to Qlik, it was a story we’ve heard all too often – they struggled to manage their fast-growing amounts of data, which was being stored on disparate systems, and had difficulties presenting it in a coherent way.

To remedy these issues, Nature’s Pride deployed Qlik and was immediately able to consolidate its processes, thus reducing cost and increasing supply chain efficiency. Also, employees can now access and analyze all the data they need, which allows them to make quicker, better-informed decisions.

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Qlik is currently deployed in the manufacturing and commercial departments, and some of their specific dashboards include:

  • Financial balance dashboard – Delivers insights into costs and revenues so Nature’s Pride can pin-point issues and make cost-saving, data-driven decisions.
  • Advanced productivity dashboard – Delivers real-time insights into staffing, production speed, and whether employees are performing above or below the norm.
  • Commercial dashboard – Provides insights into certain product combinations and the total number of purchases broken out by product.

It’s satisfying to know that Qlik is not only supporting small businesses like Nature’s Pride, but enabling them to grow as well.

Photo credit: Craig Stanfill via / CC by SA


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