Fast-Tracking Business Insights with Kafka using Qlik and Confluent

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies need to make quick and informed decisions to stay ahead. This requires real-time data that can be analyzed and acted upon in a timely manner. However, many organizations struggle with the complexity of their core application processes, which can slow down or even prevent service rollouts.

That's where Qlik and Confluent come in. As leaders in data analytics and streaming technology, Qlik and Confluent have partnered to help businesses streamline their data delivery and gain a competitive edge. Qlik has joined the Connect with Confluent partner program to help organizations accelerate the development of real-time applications through a native integration with Confluent Cloud. Joint customers can now enjoy a greatly enhanced experience when working with data streams, paving a faster path to powering next generation customer experiences and business operations with real-time data.

Connect with Confluent brings the world’s largest collection of data streams directly to organizations through a single integration to the cloud-native and complete data streaming platform, Confluent Cloud. It’s now easier than ever for organizations to stream data from anywhere with a fully managed Kafka service that spans hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments. This ensures joint customer success at every stage, from onboarding through technical support.

Building Real-Time Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka

One critical use case for Confluent is building scalable, real-time data pipelines with enterprise data sources and Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed streaming platform. The majority of enterprise data resides in traditional databases, locked inside legacy mainframe systems and applications such as SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. Organizations find it challenging to deliver data to Kafka from those sources when using traditional batch replication processes, which struggle to support the ingestion of real-time and continuous changes in databases.

The solution is real-time change data capture (CDC), which focuses on capturing the most current or real-time changes in data and metadata. These incremental changes (as transactions) are collected from the source and transformed into a Kafka stream through Qlik’s native integration into Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform.

By leveraging Confluent's capabilities with Qlik, businesses can build real-time data pipelines that enable them to make faster, more informed decisions, critical in a marketplace where seconds count.

Qlik and Confluent offer a powerful combination of data analytics and streaming technology that can help businesses gain a competitive edge. By leveraging real-time data for real-time insights, organizations can make faster, more informed decisions that drive better outcomes.

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Qlik and Confluent have partnered to help businesses streamline their data delivery and gain a competitive edge.


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