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Becoming the Most Loved Baby Products Brand Globally With Qlik

By Dave Elliott, Global Solutions & Data Innovation Manager, Mayborn Group


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Photo of a door with balloons floating out of it and text that reads "We would have needed three times the resources to achieve what we have with Qlik Sense if we had used another platform like Power BI. Welcome Home, Davie Elliott"

I’ve been a Business Intelligence (BI) analyst and evangelist for over two decades now. As you can imagine I’ve worked with many different BI platforms throughout my career, especially during my time as a BI Consultant. In this role, I was product agnostic, so from Power BI to Tableau, you name it, I used it! However, Qlik Sense quickly stood out to me as the most powerful and intuitive platform on the market.

I started my role as Global Solutions & Data Innovation Manager at Mayborn Group (a world leader in baby-led products) close to two years ago at an exciting time. The organization was at the beginning of its business intelligence revolution journey and was exploring the different analytics tools on the market.

Having previously used Power BI and Tableau extensively, this wasn’t a tough question. We couldn’t risk the limitations inherent in a tool like Power BI. We had to bring in Qlik for Mayborn.

The Associative Engine puts Qlik into a different league. And, in a world where speed is key, I knew that the Qlik Sense platform would allow us to answer business questions on demand and go from ideation to data-backed solutions so much quicker than with any other solution.

This speed is important. As a regionalized global business, we deal with large volumes of data, from a wide range of sources. Our main challenge is bringing this all together to give the business a holistic overview of all these various data points.

Shifts in market share can happen quickly, at a regional and global level. Historically, we’ve only had the capabilities to review the data at a regional level, but since our move to Qlik we’ve been able to drill into the data from a global perspective. I can say with confidence that Qlik Sense is the only platform on the market that can do this and do it at speed and scale. It’s intuitive, adapts to new data sources quickly, and the volume of data we’re now able to work with is unparalleled.

Making Our Data Accessible

Our aim was to democratize our data and allow users to get to the data they need in as few clicks as possible. We’ve certainly achieved that.

Two years in and we currently have over 200 active users from the C-Suite down, so it’s important that our dashboards are accessible and easy to use for people with different needs and uses. We’ve had the flexibility to architect our apps in a micro-to-macro view, letting us present data at a relatively simplistic high-level view, while also having the option to drill down into the more granular details for those who need it.

Internally, there’s been real enthusiasm and excitement once people start to see the power and potential of the platform. Fundamentally, it’s helped people to gather insights faster, allowing them to make strategic decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

We couldn’t have achieved the success we have and scaled up operations if we were using Power BI instead of Qlik Sense, and that’s a fact. We’re a small but agile team of four, and we would have needed three times the resources to achieve what we have with Qlik Sense if we had used any other platform.

But, it’s not just the power of the platform that’s helped us; the wider support and peer-to-peer insights we’re able to get from the Qlik Community has been invaluable. If you come across an issue or challenge, you can share it on the Qlik Community and know others who’ve faced the same or similar challenges will get back to you in 30-60 minutes max. The spirit and comradery from other Qlik users are phenomenal.

It’s been a whirlwind of a journey, but I think the most exciting part is we’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can achieve. We know that, however the business and our global situation changes, we have the technology in place to support whatever challenges we face.

Welcome home, Dave.

In the first of a series of blogs celebrating our customers and their stories, Dave Elliott at Mayborn Group tells us why there’s #NoPlaceLikeQlik

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