Answer Data-Driven Digital Business Wake-Up Call With QlikWorld

If “necessity is the mother of invention,” COVID-19 forced many businesses around the world to rethink their digital transformation, data and analytics strategies. Out of every crisis, there will be opportunities. Although the current pandemic has certainly acted as a black swan event in some cases impeding progress, it has, nonetheless, accelerated several of the trends already pushing toward a digital future.

For me, this is a wake-up call for businesses that have placed too much focus on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business, data and analytics resilience. One thing this crisis has proven is the importance of data-driven decisions and the ability for making real-time decisions. This is why I am even more excited about this year’s QlikWorld event, where we will cover our recent innovations combining the data and analytics technological fabric, bringing these two traditionally disparate worlds together.

In this blog post, I am going to highlight some of the innovation themes of QlikWorld 2020. I highly recommend that you register and join us to learn more. You can do so without leaving home, as QlikWorld 2020 is online this year!

Bringing The World of Data Integration and Data Analytics Together

To lead in the digital age, business needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Qlik Data Integration solutions enable a DataOps approach, vastly accelerating the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming, refinement and cataloging. By leveraging real-time data integration technologies, such as Change Data Capture (CDC) and streaming data pipelines, we are disrupting how data is shared and how it is made available across the enterprise. We will showcase how our unique technological approach through CDC really is a game changer, providing our users real- time analytics. We will also show how we bridge the gap between IT and the business with the Enterprise Data Catalog – a simple, intuitive way for business users to find and access actionable and trusted data.

From Raw Data To Analytics-Ready Data Into Actions

We have been continuously making improvements to the Qlik Cognitive Engine. Our goal is to surface unprecedented insights by achieving a 360-degree view of the data by combining the peripheral vision that Qlik’s one-of-a-kind associative engine provides with our cognitive engine. During the product keynote session, you will see how we are taking this unique Associative Augmented Intelligence technology to the next level by combining its power with CDC, providing real-time insights to our users. You will also learn about our recent innovations in conversational analytics and new alerting services, which enable actionable insights and deliver the most comprehensive end-to-end analytics offerings in the market.

SaaS First Approach

We have built cloud-native, Kubernetes-based architecture to deliver Qlik Sense Enterprise exclusively on Qlik Cloud services. Our focus on delivering our SaaS offering is going to drive down total cost of ownership for our customers. During the event, we will showcase a new Qlik Cloud Hub, which will become a central point for our customers to access all cloud services, including conversational analytics, alerting and other capabilities all running seamlessly in our SaaS offering.

Hopefully, this blog post gives you a sense of what you will learn at the event. It is time for you to reframe the potential of your data and analytics strategy with Qlik’s recent innovations. Join us at QlikWorld 2020 to learn more. I look forward to virtually meeting you all there!

In advance of QlikWorld, learn to better answer the #datadriven #digital wake-up call many businesses around the world are facing. Read the latest blog post by @elif_tutuk to learn more.


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