Announcing Attunity Replicate 6.2: Speed and Ubiquity for Modern Data Integration

For years, Attunity has steadily strengthened three pillars in our data integration solution: ease of use, high-performance/real-time data transfer and universal platform coverage. On the ease-of-use front, our 100% automation of the replication process continues to win customers and awards. The version 6.2 release of Attunity Replicate, generally available today, brings additional advances in performance and platform coverage. We are pushing the envelope to deliver the fast and ubiquitous data transfer required in modern heterogeneous data environments. Here are some highlights:

Platform Coverage:

  • New data, cloud and streaming end points: Attunity Replicate now fully supports SAP HANA as a source, as well as Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EMR and Azure HDInsight as targets.
  • Data Enhancements:
    • Security: Amazon S3 and Redshift targets now support Amazon’s Security Token Service (STS), which enables authentication via SAML 2.0 and Active Directory Federation Services.
    • Resilience: In the event of a data node failure, Attunity Replicate will automatically reconnect to the name node, which then refers the request to another data node in the cluster.
    • Kafka: Attunity Replicate nows support Avro logical data types on Kafka targets.
  • DB2 for z/OS: Replication is now more efficient, with improved support for RELOAD table operations; and more usable, with the ability to resume task execution from a specified SCN or LSN change position. For transaction consistency, users also can improve the transition from full load to change processing.
  • Oracle: We’ve added support for RESETLOGS operations (for example during DataGuard Failover) and for Oracle Nested Tables.


  • LOB Loading: Attunity Replicate provides faster replication for LOBs (Large Objects). You now have the option of transferring those on the smaller end – a.k.a. “small LOBs” – inline as part of the regular transaction data stream during full loads. There is no need to perform a lookup on the source table.
  • Extended Parallel Load Support: Attunity Replicate also accelerates full load performance by partitioning large tables and loading those partitions in parallel. With v6.2, users can apply these capabilities to the following additional targets: Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL, File, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud for MySQL.

To learn more, check out our Attunity Replicate 6.2 Release Notes and User Guide on the Attunity Customer Portal.

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