Untapped Insights: Unstructured Data & GenAI

In this era of data-driven decision-making, there’s one rich insight source still untapped — unstructured data. Growing knowledge libraries, document repositories, and online content contain all the answers employees need to do their jobs or make decisions, but people don’t know what’s out there or where to look for it. While traditional search has largely failed, generative AI offers wholly new enterprise potential.

To help, we surveyed 200 directors and above (almost half C-suite) about how they see potential value in unstructured data, and their priorities or concerns around using GenAI to analyze it.

In this report, we explore:

  • State of unstructured data and unrealized insights

  • Solution wish-lists, challenges & current explorations

  • Roadmapped investments (over two thirds are planning one in the next 6-12 months)

Download the report to get the latest in what leaders are thinking when it comes to unstructured data and GenAI. Most are just starting on this journey, but it’s accelerating for a reason.