Top Data Streaming Platforms for Enterprise Cloud

Data streaming – the ability to continuously process data in real time – can be the key to responding to events, as they happen, with better intelligence. But, there are a lot of event stream processing platforms out there. Which is right for the unique data streaming needs of your organization?

In this eBook, we compare and contrast the major enterprise streaming platforms, so you can take the first steps to making an informed decision for your business. You'll discover:

  • The key characteristics and use cases of data streaming platforms

  • Detailed profiles on each of the major platforms, including their pros, cons, differentiators, and need-to-know background info and terminology

  • How the Qlik Data Integration Platform uses Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to deliver large volumes of up-to-date data to any streaming platform

Find the platform that will give you the in-the-moment data you need – download the comparison guide now.