3 Ways to Increase Your Data Lake ROI

Use real-time data pipeline automation to get better insights, faster.

To adapt – and succeed – in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises have adopted new data architectures, including data lakes. But despite the investment, the insights still aren’t coming quickly enough – because traditional integration processes just can’t meet the demand.

Every enterprise needs to capture real-time, actionable insights based on a single, trusted view of all their data. To make that possible, Qlik’s solution for data lake creation automates the entire data pipeline, from real-time ingestion to the creation and provisioning of analytics-ready data sets. In this eBook, you’ll discover how Qlik’s Data Integration Platform enables you to deliver:

  1. Universal, real-time data ingestion and replication – for up-to-date data

  2. Full data pipeline automation – for continuous-streams of consumption-ready data

  3. A smart, integrated data catalog – for trusted, governed data

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