Maximize Your QlikView® Investment

Join the Analytics Modernization Program and start using Qlik Sense alongside QlikView for new projects and new use cases.

Planning for the future

Qlik is here to support you today and in the future as you modernize your business and operations. We give you the opportunity to leverage your QlikView investment to accelerate adoption of next-generation BI, via Qlik Sense. Modernize your BI with the Analytics Modernization Program.
Qlik Customer Resources - Analytics Modernization Program
  • Keep leveraging your QlikView investment

    We understand, you’ve invested heavily in QlikView and many business functions rely on it daily. We’re committed to maintaining QlikView while supporting your organization’s modernization efforts.
  • Get next-generation BI with Qlik Sense

    Start using Qlik Sense for new projects and modern BI use cases. Learn how AI, conversational analytics, modern API integration, and cloud deployment significantly reduces your time to value.
  • Move to a modern cloud experience

    Gain an edge with augmented and conversational analytics, and alerting. Use a single hub for QlikView and Qlik Sense, get automatic version updates with new features, and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additional Resources

Get ready to transform your entire business with a modern analytics platform.