Maximize Your QlikView® Investment

QlikView is our classic analytics solution for rapidly developing highly-interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards, delivering insight to solve business challenges.

Planning for the future

Qlik gives you the opportunity to remain using QlikView or expand your analytics capabilities with Qlik Sense®. We’re here to support you today and in the future as you modernize your business and operations.

Exercise QlikView Remix

Some customers have chosen to migrate from QlikView to Qlik Sense under the Qlik Remix Policy. These customers found license remix delivers incredible value, since they don’t have to commit to a separate Qlik Sense purchase as their business evolves.

Leverage Dual-Use Licensing

Most of you will be eligible for our QlikView and Qlik Sense dual-use licensing offer, which makes Qlik Sense adoption extremely cost effective. A minimal uplift on your annual QlikView maintenance provides Qlik Sense to your entire QlikView user base.

Remain on QlikView

We understand, you’ve invested heavily in QlikView and many business functions rely on it daily. We’re committed to maintaining and enhancing QlikView while supporting your organization into the future as you modernize your operations.

Get ready to transform your entire business with a modern analytics platform.