Qlik Data Integration Plans & Pricing

Choose from our Qlik Cloud® and client-managed solutions.

Qlik Data Integration (Client-Managed)

Client-managed solution that accelerates the availability of analytics-ready data, automating data streaming, transformation and cataloging

Client-Managed Features:

  • CDC, incremental and bulk data movement
  • Data warehouse and lake automation
  • CDC publishing to Kafka and other streaming platforms
  • Replicate on-premise data
  • Catalog and govern data
  • Application Automation (5,000 runs/month)
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Qlik Cloud Data Integration

iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution that provides real-time data movement, transformation and unification

Cloud Features:

  • Modern iPaaS data architecture
  • Real-time change data capture
  • Push-down SQL transformation
  • Automated data mart creation
  • Transform data replicated by Qlik Data Integration Client-Managed
  • Integrated data catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Qlik Data Integration solutions help my business?

Organizations collect huge amounts of data. But, most of the data that can guide decisions and actions isn’t analytics-ready or accessible. Qlik operationalizes DataOps for analytics, turning raw data into trusted, actionable data that's easy to find, current, and immediately available.

What data sources and targets are supported?

Qlik Data Integration supports over 100 sources and targets across cloud providers, databases, data warehouses, and applications. Supported partners include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, Snowflake, Databricks, Cloudera, SAP HANA, SQL, MySQL and many more. Please contact us to discuss your data integration and transformation needs.

Does client-managed Qlik Data Integration work with Qlik Cloud Data Integration?

Yes, we’ve made it easy for client-managed customers to leverage our new iPaaS capabilities delivered through Qlik Cloud. For example, Qlik Cloud Data Integration can be used to transform data replicated by Qlik Data Integration Client-Managed into cloud data warehouses. And Qlik Replicate can leverage the SaaS application connectivity of Qlik Cloud Data Integration to meet any business challenge.

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