Van Oord Launches Open Source Climate Risk Overview Tool Powered By Qlik

Leading global marine contractor develops world first tool to protect coastal societies and ecosystems at risk from climate change.

AmsterdamQlik® today announced that Van Oord, leading global maritime contractor, has launched the COP28 (UN Climate Change Conference COP28) release of its open Climate Risk Overview Tool, as a central aspect of its drive to protect coastal societies and ecosystems at risk from climate change, while also supporting its own sustainable growth strategy. Qlik Sense was used to prepare the original COP26 Climate Risk Overview, and now it powers the COP28 update.

A Dutch family-owned company with over 150-years of experience as an international marine contractor, Van Oord is an expert in dredging, marine construction, offshore wind, offshore infrastructure and infrastructure in the Netherlands. Given the growing need for space for populations and the acceleration of coastal communities being put at risk by climate change, Van Oord has pivoted its purpose to creating a better world for future generations through marine ingenuity.

As part of this drive, Van Oord is leveraging Qlik to develop the world’s first tool that allows cross filtering between traditionally siloed disciplines: flood protection and nature conservation. The free online platform automatically collates, combines and analyzes numerous complex datasets, enabling users to visualize and anticipate flooding hazards and nature-based adaptation opportunities for all coastlines and societies around the world.

“Historically, making informed decisions about sustainable development has been challenging because of data complexity and stakeholder requirements. There are so many players involved in making these kinds of decisions, from the World Bank, local communities, NGOs, governments and companies like us,” explains Gerben de Boer, Data Scientist at Van Oord. “Thanks to Qlik, our Climate Risk Overview Tool allows anyone to uncover priority hotspots according to criteria that are relevant to them. This discovery is free and takes about five minutes, instead of months and costing tens of thousands of euros to manually collate.”

“Using Qlik to turbo charge our drive towards sustainability was a no-brainer. We already have over 500 people successfully using the software to gather HR, finance and technical insights across the business,” de Boer continues. “We first partnered with Qlik seven years ago as part of our digital transformation strategy to use advanced analytics to achieve our operational and business goals, and now Qlik is central to our sustainability strategy too.”

“Qlik is enabling Van Oord to drive its own sustainable growth by helping it more effectively and efficiently identify and prioritize nature-based flood protection opportunities as part of its game-changing sustainability program, Sustainable Earth Actions,” said Rachel Terry, Sustainability Programme Manager at Van Oord. “With the tool everyone worldwide can start the conversation with local stakeholders to prioritize flood protection solutions that are nature based. Work with the power of nature instead of trying to go against it. For example, by planting mangrove forests or certain kinds of seaweed instead of adding concrete or rocks for coastal protection. This increases biodiversity instead of destroying it.”

“With news of climate change driven floods regularly hitting the headlines and increasing pressure from the United Nations and COP to take action, the steps that organizations like Van Oord are taking to both their own sustainable growth and empower others to do the same are vital to the future of the planet,” said Gareth Vincent, Senior Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Qlik. “Partnerships play a key role in the mission to drive positive change at the intersection of business, society and our environment so everyone, everywhere can enjoy a healthy and prosperous future, and we’re proud to be supporting Van Oord in this journey.”

The Qlik for Climate implementation of the solution was fulfilled by Qlik partner Business Data Challengers with their expertise in data literacy, and knowledge and drive for sustainability.

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About Van Oord

Van Oord is a Dutch family-owned company with over 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. In line with our purpose to create a better world for future generations we have delivered this tool as the first step of our Climate Adaptation Action Plan. The other key aspects are Solutions and Knowledge Hub.

The goal of the action plan is to use our capabilities as Van Oord, together with partners, to provide solutions to protect coastal societies and ecosystems most at risk from the challenges presented by climate change. By using this tool to highlight the most vulnerable coastlines, we can bring forward our solutions to address the challenges we face. We do not do this alone, the projects required need collaboration between governments, financing institutions, NGO’s and the private sector. We invite you work together with us by contacting us through the details below.

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