Region Halland Uses Qlik to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

Qlik Sense® Provides Hospital’s Critical Functions with Daily Overview of Data to Create Better Conditions of Care for COVID-19 Patients

Stockholm – Region Halland is today providing real time data through Qlik on the effects of COVID-19 within its hospitals based in Halmstad and Varberg to its 3800 employees.

This spring Region Halland was in the process of modernizing their data analytics. However, the hospital made the decision to speed up the process to address the rapid onset of issues resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to democratize access to vital data. Today, all critical functions and departments within the hospital have a single dashboard through Qlik Sense that provides the right information on the pandemic in an easy to understand format, allowing them to make better and faster decisions.

“The situation within our hospitals meant we needed to get a streamlined overview of the pandemic data out to all our teams a lot faster than we currently were able to. We also needed to have all the data in one central place in order to identify trends, resulting in the teams being able to make better informed decisions,” said Jonny Eriksson, Acting Chief Financial Officer at Halland Hospital. “With Qlik we have been able to address all these concerns, and now every department across our hospitals has all the information available to them so they can provide the best possible COVID-19 care to all our patients.”

Region Halland had originally implemented a process of using spreadsheets to obtain an overview of the effects of the pandemic on the hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients. However, it was ineffective as it required a lot of manual work and time to pull together into presentation slides. The end result was the information was difficult to read and only a limited few had access to it. The Region quickly saw the benefits of making the information accessible to more than just the management team, as they were convinced that better decisions could be made together if everyone had access to the same information through Qlik Sense.

“In just over a week we went from an idea to rolling out a fully functioning tool, creating better awareness of where the hospital currently is in its response to this infectious disease. We could see if things got better or worse, if we needed to order more oxygen based on this or redistribute or recruit more staff. We could simply back up our decisions better. And the visualisation seems to be popular – in the beginning we needed to push the information out, now we instead get requests for it,” adds Eriksson.

The data used within Qlik Sense is sourced from different areas within the hospital: the care wards, the emergency department, the intensive care department and the HR systems. The HR data allows the teams to identify the total number of sick staff as well as the daily new cases of staff getting sick. This transparent view provided by Qlik Sense has allowed the hospital management team to address staffing requirements, re-prioritize and redistribute resources to meet the changing needs of the hospital. Additionally, the hospital has also been able to address their supply chain needs such as oxygen supplies.

The long-term plan for Region Halland is to build a data-led Command Centre to allow staff to focus on patient care and improve the efficiency of patients flowing through the hospitals on a daily basis.

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