Qlik Launches Global Program to Accelerate Analytics using SAP Data on Microsoft Azure Synapse

Program Offers Free Proof of Value (POV), Including Software and Expertise, to Remove Barriers and Accelerate Real-time Cloud Data Warehousing with SAP Data

Philadelphia and Redmond – Qlik® today launched a joint global strategic program to accelerate analysis of SAP data by combining the automated data delivery capabilities of Qlik Data Integration with the agility and openness of the Microsoft Azure platform. The program offers a Proof of Value (POV) that simplifies the delivery and use of SAP ERP data for real-time analytics on Azure Synapse. It includes software and domain expertise from both companies that will deliver an automated, real-time data pipeline using Qlik Data Integration to ingest and automate the delivery of analytics-ready SAP data into Azure Synapse.

“Customers are looking to use their valuable SAP data to enable agile and modern analytics, and need to address the inherent complexities in making SAP data available in cloud data warehouses like Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “We’re excited to team up with Microsoft to offer this unique combined solution designed to automate data pipelines that deliver SAP data in real-time to Azure, and enable enterprises to drive better decisions from analyzing SAP data alongside their non-SAP data in Azure.”

John “JG” Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure Data and AI at Microsoft Corp. said, “Many of the world’s largest enterprises need to make SAP ERP data available across diverse platforms and hybrid environments for downstream analytics initiatives. We’re pleased about launching this integrated Proof of Value solution with Qlik Data Integration that will give customers a real taste of the benefits and accelerated time-to-insight Microsoft Azure can deliver with their valuable SAP data, as well as combining it with non-SAP data in Azure Synapse and Power BI.”

The Proof of Value delivers a variety of free benefits, including:

  • Subject matter expertise in migrating, integrating and analyzing SAP data in Azure Synapse, including a solution architecture workshop with the Microsoft and Qlik Data Integration teams

  • Qlik Data Integration subscription to execute free data replication and data warehouse automation into Azure Synapse of SAP data for the duration of the POV

  • Sponsored Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Power BI subscription for the duration of the POV

Qlik Data Integration supports all core SAP applications and can automate and deliver real-time data with change data capture (CDC) to Azure Synapse with optimized formats. By decoding SAP's complex, application-specific data structures, followed by the automated creation of analytic ready data sets, analytics users will have the most current and relevant SAP data needed for better business insights. The result is a production-ready, proven solution for accelerating and enabling analytics of any SAP data in Azure Synapse.

“The speed of data replication through Qlik Data Integration is transformational for us, doing now in hours what used to take us weeks. We’re now able to replicate data from our core business applications like SAP - which houses our asset, customer and employee transactional data - and make it more readily available through Microsoft Azure to our analysts and data scientists,” said Melissa Tallack, Head of Data and Digital Services at Anglian Water Services. “We are now finding new ways to improve services and KPIs such as reduced leakage and supply interruptions, resulting in enhanced customer service, asset performance and business productivity. This has also enabled us to accelerate the decommissioning of two legacy data warehouses, creating IT operational efficiencies and expected cost savings.”

To learn more about the Proof of Value, visit https://go.qlik.com/Qlik-Unleash-Your-SAP-Data.html. To learn more transforming SAP data into value through Qlik Data Integration and Azure Synapse, click here for our eBook, “Enabling SAP Data in Azure Synapse.” To learn more about Qlik’s Data Integration platform for Azure, visit: https://www.qlik.com/microsoft.

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