Qlik Cloud Enables U.S. Healthcare Organizations to Leverage Cloud Data for Improved Patient Outcomes

With Enhanced Encryption and SOC2 Type 2 + HITRUST Attestation, Qlik Cloud Helps Meet HIPAA Requirements to Securely Host Personal Health Information

Philadelphia - Qlik® recently enabled Qlik Cloud® with enhanced encryption to securely host personal health information (PHI) subject to U.S. HIPAA requirements while completing its SOC2 Type 2 + HITRUST Attestation. With the launch of Customer Managed Keys and this new attestation, healthcare organizations can now take full advantage of Qlik Cloud to enhance patient outcomes, improve service delivery, and close the gaps between data, insights and actions.

“Patient health relies on having the right information on hand when it’s needed most to improve care and save lives,” said James Fisher, Chief Product Officer at Qlik. “We know the cloud can be an incredible enabler in surfacing and delivering the most important data when it matters most. We look forward to helping our U.S. healthcare provider customers leverage the cloud confidently and securely to impact lives through Qlik Cloud throughout the care continuum.”

U.S. healthcare organizations want the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to serve the complete range of patient needs both within their own facility and with external providers as well. The cloud can provide that through real-time data access and use but requires strong data governance and integrity when working with some of the most sensitive information possible: an individual’s health-related data. Qlik now securely extends the power of Qlik Cloud’s full range of data integration, rich data analytics pipeline, predictive analytics and AI insights to U.S. healthcare organizations while supporting their HIPAA compliance efforts and the ability to use PHI data in Qlik Cloud.

"Qlik Cloud’s enhanced end user experience, ML capability, and emphasis on data security empower healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality analytics and decision support in an efficient and integrated manner," said Jeff TeHennepe, AVP, Business Intelligence at Premise Health.

Qlik Cloud provides valuable benefits to U.S. healthcare organizations:

  • Native Machine Learning with code-free experience built to empower all users

  • AI-powered Analytics with Centralized Data Assets and Catalog

  • Enhanced data encryption allowing customers to bring their encryption keys

“Qlik has delivered again on its “cloud-native” product strategy with Qlik Cloud being enabled for HIPAA compliance. Our healthcare customers’ data, analytics and users are secure with their secret encryption keys. Through one integrated platform, data literacy, data quality, data analytics and data science are achieved with high trust. As a result, Qlik is the lowest TCO with a vast amount of no-code cloud services including workflow automation,” said Mark Meersman, Managing Partner of IPC Global.

For more information about how Qlik Cloud supports U.S. healthcare organizational needs in leveraging cloud data visit Healthcare Analytics: Clinical, Financial and Operational Data | Qlik.

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