Qlik Achieves FedRAMP Authorization for its Cloud Analytics Platform

McLean, Va.- Qlik® announced today that it has achieved the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s (FedRAMP) Authorized designation at the Moderate Impact level (IL) and Department of Defense IL2. One of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms to achieve FedRAMP designation, Qlik Cloud® Government is now listed in the FedRAMP Marketplace under authorized products.

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and monitoring of cloud products and services for the U.S. public sector. FedRAMP enables the federal government by creating transparent standards and processes for security authorizations that help accelerate procurement and streamline adoption of cloud-based solutions.

“As federal agencies and organizations rapidly modernize and migrate to the cloud, they must ensure the transition is protected under the strictest secure protocols and authorizations,” said Andrew Churchill, Vice President of Federal at Qlik. “Achieving this FedRAMP milestone validates Qlik's ability and commitment to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our government clients and equips them with greater access to state-of-the-art solutions to reach their mission goals.”

Qlik’s sponsoring agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has implemented Qlik Cloud Government to ignite innovation within its existing analytics program, while unlocking the value of their data by improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs across the agency. As the only comprehensive cloud-first analytics platform to achieve this FedRAMP authorization, Qlik is now able to offer the cost, speed, and scaling benefits of cloud computing to its U.S. public sector customers, while meeting the rigorous security standards set forth by FedRAMP.

Qlik Cloud Government provides valuable benefits to government agencies, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Analytics and Centralized Data Assets and Catalog

  • Security and compliance designed into the platform

  • No-touch maintenance and cost savings with Qlik Cloud

“Working with Qlik in their pursuit of FedRAMP authorization allowed EPA to shift resources to delivering analytics to protect human health and the environment rather than IT administration,” said Arthur Zuco, Program Manager at EPA. “Our world is moving to the cloud and by adopting SaaS, we are setting ourselves up to take advantage of the kinds of new capabilities that will be delivered by the SaaS market in general for years to come.”

Qlik Cloud Government serves as a standard for third-generation analytics, empowering organizational-wide data-driven decisions. Built on Qlik Sense® and its unique Associative analytics engine, Qlik Cloud Government offers purpose-built analytics, delivering unmatched analytical power and driving world-class visualization and discovery, augmented analytics, and action-oriented capabilities beyond the ordinary dashboard search. It augments and enhances human intuition with AI powered insight suggestions, and natural-language interaction.
Qlik Cloud Government is built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) GovCloud (US) and is available through the AWS Marketplace.

“The business relationship between AWS and Qlik aims to provide our customers with a secure, scalable and cost-efficient solution to support their missions with a proven data and analytics platform,” said Jeff Kratz, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs at AWS.

For more information about Qlik’s Cloud Government offering, please visit Qlik Analytics Solutions for the U.S. Public Sector.

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