Qlik Academic Program Celebrates 10 Years of Collaboration with Lund University

Sweden Qlik®, a global leader in data integration, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), today is proud to have supported Lund University students and educators to enhance data analytics skills through its Qlik Academic Program for over a decade, preparing students for a world where data skills are vital.

The Qlik Academic Program provides free software, self-paced training, qualifications and certifications free of charge to educators and students at accredited, degree-issuing universities. Students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with a market leading tool , giving them the necessary data analytics skills required in the modern workplace, across a wide range of industries and specialisms.

Since the global initiative was first launched in 2012, Qlik has supported nearly 3,000 universities in 100 countries. In the last five years alone Qlik has provided software and learning worth a total value of more than $165 million. The collaboration with Lund University, ranked among the world’s top 100 institutions, marks a unique milestone for the data analytics company, as Lund is the birthplace of Qlik.

A long-standing program to support the next generation workforce

The Qlik Academic Program is implemented across a broad range of departments within Lund University, including departments at Lund University School of Economics and Management and Faculty of Engineering, for both Undergraduate and Masters students.

Students have access to Qlik Sense, available on both cloud and desktop versions. They can build their own visualizations and start using data to answer real world problems set by the professors, in a similar way to what they are likely to encounter in future job roles. With their free access to the Qlik Continuous Classroom (QCC) students can train on the same courses as Qlik customers and employees. They can access specially built learning pathways that, once completed, give them the opportunity to take an exam and earn a qualification to add to their CVs.

Blerim Emruli, Assistant Professor in Informatics at Lund University School of Economics and Management, has been using Qlik in his curriculum for several years and sees the benefits for students as they prepare to enter the job market.

“Having access to the resources from Qlik’s Academic Program, including the opportunity to obtain Qlik qualifications and certifications, offers our students even greater support in navigating the current business landscape,” Blerim said. “More and more companies require their employees to embrace lifelong learning and acquire relevant qualifications and certifications after finishing their degrees – and with Qlik they are already on this path throughout their degree.”

The benefits of data-analytics skills

The ability to work with data is becoming more and more vital in the workplace, therefore it is imperative that students get first-hand experience with data analytics tools. Today, non technical staff – not just IT professionals – are expected to have some level of data skills.

“In 2021 I stated that - businesses have been considerably influenced by data, and in some cases solely driven by data. The agenda is to push for self-service business intelligence, the process of analysis of data by non-technical staff and departments in the organization – rather than IT professionals or dedicated IT divisions. I can objectively and empirically affirm that this holds even truer today,” added Emruli.

For students looking to embark on careers in in-demand roles, from economists and business managers to data analysts and engineers, getting practice in analyzing and interpreting data in the classroom can be a real differentiator between other candidates and help them stand out to future employers.

Obey Mabaso, Lund University alumni, said: “I used Qlik Academic program at university, and it was extremely helpful and practical. It was really valuable to have first-hand experience using tools that data professionals use on a daily basis. This experience also helped me secure my first job out of university, as my employers really valued that I knew how to use data analytics tools like Qlik.”

Supporting educators

Since the start of Qlik’s collaboration with Lund University, it has kept educators as well as students front of mind. During the course year, Qlik supports educators by delivering guest lectures and lab sessions to include as part of the course. For example, Qlik regularly organizes hands-on workshops to assist students in building their own applications using Qlik's data analytics technology.

In addition, Qlik seeks to contribute to educators’ development through the exclusive Educator Ambassador Program. Educator Ambassadors can attend monthly meetings, where Qlik Leaders and customers provide seminars on a wide range of data analytics topics and educators themselves can share their experiences on how best to integrate Qlik into their classrooms.

The Qlik Academic Program provides university educators and students with free Qlik Sense software and learning resources to prepare students for the data-driven workplace. Contact us for information on academicprogram@qlik.com or visit qlik.com/academicprogram.

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