Palladium Hotel Group Leverages Data Through Talend to Enhance Customer Hospitality Experience

The Ibiza-Born Luxury and Premium Hotel Chain Benefits from Trusted Data and Data Literacy Capabilities in Support of Its Digital Transformation to Better Serve Customers and Improve Business Outcomes

Philadelphia – Talend®, a Qlik® company and leader in data integration and data management, today announced that Palladium Hotel Group, a Spanish hotel chain operating 40 hotels and over 13,000 rooms across six countries, is leveraging the Talend platform to deliver a data-driven strategy in support of its digital transformation journey. With Talend’s modern data management solutions, Palladium Hotel Group has built a broader data culture among data professionals and business users, addressing data challenges such as data quality and establishing effective data governance practices to mitigate risks, optimize costs, and capitalize on untapped opportunities to improve customer experience.

“At Palladium Hotel Group, our corporate philosophy is based on excellence and high-quality standards. To maintain our leadership, establishing an effective data-driven strategy became crucial to providing a premium customer experience,” said Marcel Alet, Chief Information Officer at Palladium Hotel Group. “With the support of Talend, we embraced a trusted data approach that demonstrated tangible value, improving operational efficiency, decision-making, forecast accuracy, and enhancing business users’ satisfaction. This data strategy contributes to the organization’s success and delivers best-class services to our customers.”

According to the 2023 Deloitte Hospitality Industry Outlook, in a market environment where businesses increasingly face pressure on resources and margins, more than 60 percent of the hospitality leaders in Europe mentioned adapting to evolving needs of consumers as a key priority, and nearly half consider it essential to accelerate digital transformation.

Palladium Hotel Group initiated a digital transformation journey focusing on becoming a data-driven company to improve customer experiences and organization and business efficiency. The organization recognized that the lack of data access, trust, and literacy hindered its ability to make informed decisions, amplifying risks associated with its business operations. Palladium Hotel Group tackled various data challenges in its legacy data architecture, paving the way for enhanced decision-making and positive outcomes.

Based on an AWS cloud platform and a Snowflake data warehouse, Palladium Hotel Group implemented a hybrid approach with the Talend platform as the centerpiece of its new data architecture. This effort empowers all business and technical users to easily find and analyze the data required to get answers and achieve business goals quickly. All the organization's data sources, whether from internal databases, SaaS applications, or Rest API connectors, are integrated and managed by Talend in the new data architecture. By leveraging the Talend Data Fabric, with the support of Talend’s partner SDG Group, Palladium has a unique approach focused on adding business value and democratizing data.

Talend helped Palladium Hotel Group experience a 75% reduction in report generation time, enabling timely access to critical information. Forecast accuracy improved to 98%, resulting in better decision-making and reduced risks associated with inaccurate projections. The effectiveness of data-driven practices was reflected in ratings from internal reporting owners, averaging 9.5 out of 10, indicating their satisfaction with the quality, relevance, and usability of reports generated through the data-driven approach. Additionally, the organization benefitted from having 100% unique data, providing a competitive advantage and tailored insights for their specific needs.

"In a dynamic and competitive market landscape, Palladium Hotel Group's objective was to transform into a data-driven company, where trusted data serves as the foundation for strategic decision-making, operational excellence and long-term success," said Gareth Vincent, Senior Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Qlik. "By harnessing the power of data with Talend, the company discovers hidden opportunities, driving growth and innovation for the organization and customers. We're delighted to partner with Palladium in their modern data management approach that's taking the work out of working with data."

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