NEC Personal Computers reduces risk by 30% with Qlik

Organisation’s new analytical infrastructure delivers accurate analysis and rapid decision-making based on real-time SAP data

Tokyo - Qlik®, a global leader in data analytics and integration, today announces that NEC Personal Computers has implemented Qlik Cloud Analytics® and Qlik Data Integration®, establishing a company-wide ICT infrastructure that enables accurate analysis and decision-making based on real-time data.

After a competitive process, Qlik was selected for its accurate data analysis, ease of integration and ability to complement the existing NECPC decision-making process. Through repeated work with each business department, the evaluation of Qlik was shown to increase real-time performance by its ability to retrieve and interpret data from SAP. NECPC made the decision to adopt Qlik as the new data infrastructure with focused real-time reloading of SAP data using Qlik Data Integration.

“Qlik Cloud Analytics enables us to access SAP data in real-time and automate supply and demand planning with unparalleled efficiency. Qlik not only meets but exceeds the demands posed by our ever-expanding data needs, effortlessly surpassing the constraints of our former analytics tools,” stated Tomohisa Nakajima, Senior Manager, ICT Strategy Department, NECPC. “Qlik's continuous evolution in functionality solidifies its position as the frontrunner for addressing our forthcoming challenges, and it will remain a pivotal asset in our strategic arsenal moving forward.”

At NECPC, a major player in the personal computer market in Japan, each business department carries out analysis and decision-making based on data obtained from its core information system, SAP ECC (ERP Central Component). Previously, operations were carried out using batch processing of data from the day before. However, in a fast-changing market, the company realised a system was needed to utilise the latest, up-to-minute data to deliver improved decision making.

Qlik Cloud Analytics has been adopted as a data analytics tool for individual NECPC departments. As a result, a unified environment has been created where a common dashboard can be used company-wide – the dashboard for the Finance Department is shared throughout the company due to its ease of use, eliminating the need for other departments to create their own reports.

NECPC is also looking to combine real-time data from systems that use ICT platforms other than SAP – including production management and quality management – and has begun to explore AI and machine learning needs internally. Qlik will continue to collaborate with NECPC to extend these possibilities and accelerate data-driven management.

“NECPC has utilised Qlik to create a foundation for precise decision-making and data driven insights, by giving the leadership team the latest data from SAP, they can be confident they have all the key data points. This is a great example of how our innovative data solutions can empower organizations to achieve their objectives,” said. Geoff Thomas, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Qlik. “We will continue to provide NECPC with the latest solutions, such as AutoML, our machine learning platform, and steady support to promote digital transformation in the future.”

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