Enolytics Ripens Wine Industry Analytics With Qlik

Industry Pioneer Helps Vintners and Distributors Personalize Service and Improve Consumer Engagement and Ecommerce Sales Through Data With Qlik

Philadelphia – Enolytics, the wine industry big data leader, is driving an evolution into the data-rich, but analytics poor industry through easy-to-use, robust analytics applications based on the Qlik® analytics platform.

The wine industry is inundated with numerous data sources, including front-end e-commerce sites, back-end supply chain and distribution systems, as well as third-party consumer sentiment data suppliers. Vintners and winery owners, in particular, have struggled with understanding the value of their data. Many lack the staff or bandwidth to blend internal and external data sources, which could provide a much richer and clearer picture of their business issues and opportunities. Filling this data analytics gap is what drove the creation of Enolytics.

“We’ve been using Qlik since the company was founded. The flexibility and scalability of the platform has really helped us grow our business to meet the wide range of analytics needs across the industry,” said Cathy Huyghe, Co-founder of Enolytics. “Whether it's building a custom dashboard for winery owners, blending customer sentiment data for larger market trend analysis, or helping to drive custom market strategies down to individual restaurants or consumers, Qlik helps us bring data to life that drives results across the wine industry.”

Enolytics initially saw significant interest from marquee brands such as Champagne Bollinger and Frescobaldi, who were eagerly searching for better access to consumer sentiment data. The brands knew such data existed but lacked a repeatable and consistent access and analysis process. Filling this knowledge gap was crucial to executing timely product development and distribution strategies to match ever more fickle consumer tastes and preferences.

As Enolytics evolved, it found small and medium-sized wineries (producing 5,000 to 40,000 cases annually) were also eager to understand the value of their own data. With tight margins, maximizing the value of direct-to-consumer and e-commerce business data was crucial to their ongoing success. Enolytics leveraged Qlik to develop a cost-effective, streamlined KPI dashboard that helped focus owners’ attention on their most pressing issues and biggest opportunities. 

“For stand-alone wineries, a part of the secret sauce is bringing together different streams of data. By using Qlik’s functionality, we can easily visualize additional data sources like US census data with internal ecommerce data. This gives owners a much more refined picture of the demographic profile of their highest revenue generating ZIP codes, which helps them focus attention on the biggest profit opportunities,” said Huyghe.

Customers like Sonoma-based Dry Creek Vineyard have seen strong bottom line impact through Enolytics. “With Enolytics, we identified a potential opportunity with lapsed customers – people that hadn’t purchased recently but previously had significant order volume and frequency,” said Michael Longerbeam, the Direct to Consumer Manager at Dry Creek Vineyard in Healdsburg, California. “The analytics really helped us refine the segment and design a customized one-time special offer and promotional code. The offer resulted in sales that were six times the size of what we typically see in an e-commerce sale.”

Most recently, Enolytics has been serving importers and distributors, enabling analysis of very large data sets with a customized scorecard analytics application. Through the Enolytics scorecard app, key KPIs are color coded to give owners an easy-to-consume visual of metrics around things like regional and global sales patterns, depletion rates and consumption velocity, again helping to focus daily action where it will have the biggest impact. Based on the wine industry’s success with Enolytics, the company is also seeing interest from the beer and spirits industries in adopting data-driven analytics.  

“One of the biggest benefits of Qlik is how easy it is to create visualizations and tell a story with data. Many people in the wine and related industries are still learning how to strategically think about using data and dashboards. The storytelling techniques supported by Qlik’s interactive and dynamic visuals enable us to create solutions like our scorecard, which make the data so relevant and easy to explore. With Qlik’s infrastructure in the background, our customers are quickly becoming much more comfortable embracing data’s ability to positively affect their business,” said Huyghe.

“Enolytics is a great example of a company that is truly able to leverage the ease of use, scale and power of Qlik’s analytics platform to create value from data,” said Wendy King, Account Manager at Qlik. “The ability to use one platform to serve three different levels of distinct market segments, all while helping customers embrace data in ways they never imagined before, shows Enolytics is a true analytics leader in the wine industry.”

The Qlik-powered Enolytics solutions were recently highlighted in a LinkedIn Live session of the Data Brilliant Unplugged series, “Discover the Power of Big Data for the Wine and Spirits Industry,” which can be viewed here.

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About Enolytics

Enolytics brings the power of analytics to wine, beer and spirits businesses around the world. There are mountains of data in the industry, from consumer behavior to sales to e-commerce; Enolytics helps businesses bridge the gaps of usage and understanding around that data, in order to maximize profitability and decision-making. Built on a combined six decades of success in hospitality and data science, Enolytics delivers business intelligence that helps beverage alcohol companies differentiate and succeed.

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