Bank of Makati Drives Financial Inclusion and Innovation with Qlik

Leading stand-alone thrift bank in the Philippines uses Qlik to drive financial inclusion and innovation using data analysis, improves loan collections by 20%

Manila, February 22, 2024Qlik® today announced Bank of Makati Inc (BMI), the Philippines’ fifth stand-alone thrift bank by assets, is using Qlik Sense to help its customers, which include savers and entrepreneurs across the country, more easily secure loans and achieve their financial goals to drive economic empowerment using data. Qlik dashboards give BMI’s business units access to better insights from customer data, loan success rates, and up-to-date sales performance to make finance more accessible. The workflows within the Qlik dashboards also enable more efficient, time-saving analysis, contributing to BMI’s 20% improvement in collections.

Data analytics and cloud technology have the power to make finance more accessible and more significantly, drive economic empowerment,” said Luis M. Chua, President, Bank of Makati Inc. He added, “With Qlik, our business units can work more efficiently and through simplified data analysis, we can understand our customers better and continuously improve our products and services. Qlik’s technology has helped us realize our mission to drive financial inclusion across the country.

Established in 1956, BMI recognized that financial inclusivity and accessible banking services require in-depth data analysis and continuous innovation. BMI is a long-term Qlik customer, starting with Qlik View in 2015 and progressing to the next step in its data journey by deploying Qlik Sense in 2021.

Working with Micropinnacle Technology Corporation (MTC) helped BMI develop the data literacy skills of employees through knowledge-transfer initiatives including workshops and the appointment of Qlik Champions (employees with advanced Qlik experience) in each of the bank’s departments. Meaningful insights gathered from Qlik data help employees innovate and tailor solutions based on the needs of their respective departments.

Inclusive access to finance is critical to a country’s development, and the financial services sector is using data to drive improvements in banking that make life easier for all,” said Geoff Thomas, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan for Qlik. “Bank of Makati has adopted a data-first approach with Qlik to deliver the best possible service across the Philippines, helping micro and small businesses secure the finance they need to grow.”

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About Bank of Makati

Built on more than 60 years of experience in the thrift banking industry, Bank of Makati Inc.(BMI) was originally founded as a rural bank in July 1956. Since then, it has helped countless Filipino savers and entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals. The bank has remained true to its tagline of being a “Malalapitan at Maaasahang Kaibigan,” as it intently listens and responds to the needs of its existing and potential customers.

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