Ottawa Paramedic Service Transforms Patient Emergency Ecosystem Through Analytics With Qlik

Linking 911 Dispatch, Ambulance Fleet Management and Hospitals Together Through Qlik Speeds Time to Care and Reduces Patient Risk

Radnor, PA. – Qlik®, a leader in data analytics, today announced the Ottawa Paramedic Service has standardized on the Qlik platform to transform its patient care ecosystem. Ottawa Paramedic Service has linked its 911 emergency dispatch, ambulance fleet management and patient transport systems through Qlik, bringing the entire emergency response chain together with timely access to data that is set to improve response times, resource availability and patient care.

The Ottawa Paramedic Service delivers medical treatment for life-threatening medical emergencies across a 2,796-square kilometer area with a fleet of 126 response vehicles and over 600 paramedics, dispatchers and technicians, serviced by four main local hospital systems. Responding to over 140,000 calls a year and generating millions of rows of data per week, the department previously relied on manual processes to manage resources and deliver patient data to hospitals. This included basic information such as ambulance arrival time, patient injury status and initial treatment details. The data availability gap with manual processes created delays in aligning hospital resources, and balancing patient volumes and ambulance turnaround times, ultimately impacting care and lives.

“One of the most transformational initiatives through Qlik is a real-time dashboard that we share with our four key adult hospital locations,” said Greg Furlong, Deputy Chief of Ottawa Paramedic Service. “We’re now able to make changes on the fly by looking at coverage maps and predicting response capacity. Hospitals can now see live how many ambulances are coming, any offload delays, the status of in-bound patients – information that was never before available. With Qlik, analytics is truly guiding us and improving coverage and response time.”

Through Qlik, and teaming with Qlik solution provider GINQO Consulting, the Ottawa Paramedic Service has initiated a cultural shift to be more data-driven, aligning with the natural evidence-based approach of paramedic medicine. The ability to blend data from three discreet systems enables Ottawa Paramedic Service to measure and improve every aspect of the ecosystem, from deployments and destinations to response times. Leaders are now able to see the whole picture instantaneously, allowing them to make confident, intelligent policy adjustments in mere minutes.

One of Deputy Chief Furlong’s goals is reducing response and hospital turnaround times. Through Qlik, he and other leaders can measure the correlating factors and take real action for improvement. For example, reducing hospital turnaround times by five minutes would equate to 6,800 additional hours of ambulance coverage in the community that wasn’t previously available. This type of impact through data is also being recognized outside of the department and leading to industry-wide change.

“One of the measurements of success is the adoption of the data consumption methodology we’re executing in Ottawa,” said Deputy Chief Furlong. “We’re constantly sharing the work through Qlik with our peers, and receiving very positive feedback from municipalities across Ontario who are learning the value of data, and looking to update to a similar process.”

To learn more about Ottawa Paramedic Service’s use of Qlik visit the video profile on YouTube.

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