Qlik Expands Developer Community Commitment

Company Debuts New Developer-Focused Platform Qlik Core® and Details Developer Ecosystem Investments

Qonnections 2018 – Orlando, FL – Qlik®, a leader in data analytics, today detailed the expansion of its commitment to developers, demonstrated both through the growth of its developer community and the debut of a new developer-focused platform at its annual Qonnections customer and partner event.

Developers are creating new and innovative answers to the most advanced analytics challenges, tackling gigabyte-size data sets and navigating through various big data and IoT hurdles. Developers are looking to analytics vendors to provide easy to use and scalable approaches that help move projects forward quickly.

Qlik is committed to continually helping these developers explore and test their most complex and innovative data-driven application ideas. With a growing developer community through Qlik Branch and the Advanced Analytics Toolbox, Qlik is meeting developers where they live – in environments like R and in the cloud. Today Qlik expands this commitment with the debut of Qlik Core.

Qlik Core – A New Platform for Developers

Currently in beta, Qlik Core is a new platform for building data-driven applications leveraging the Qlik Associative Engine. Qlik Core will give developers the ability to use embedded and custom analytics to drive new business models, moving business intelligence from end-user driven to every possible interaction with data. Using an open source distribution model, Qlik Core delivers the Qlik Associative Engine with supporting APIs and libraries for integration into non-dashboard projects. These projects can be deployed using Qlik’s scalable nodes architecture to deliver best-in-class technology to achieve massive scale.

Qlik Core will include Qlik’s open source library components such as halyard.js, mira.js, enigma.js, enigma-go, picasso.js and after-works.js. Unlike traditional BI company offerings, Qlik Core offers a much faster route to market for developers with the scalability of Linux, the benefits of a containerized approach for the Qlik Associative Engine and the support of a broad, rich developer ecosystem with Qlik Branch.

Qlik Core will enable developers to more efficiently tackle analytics projects with unique approaches. For instance, through Qlik Core there will be the ability to embed the Qlik Associative Engine into IoT environments to more easily scale data capture and use as a data repository, leveraging its full associative capabilities. The Associative Engine could also be used in analytic workflows, ingesting various data at different intersection points along the process flow, providing more immediate insights to better drive and manipulate core processes across the enterprise backbone.

Qlik and Developers – A Growing Relationship

Qlik Core expands Qlik’s already large set of developer-focused solutions, building on assets already in market like Qlik’s Advanced Analytics Toolbox. The Advanced Analytics Toolbox provides developers Qlik Sense extensions, which allows the creation of charts to perform advanced analytics by simple drag and drop without complex scripting. These extensions work on the top of the Advanced Analytics Integration (AAI) functionality within R and Python for seamless workflow.

These toolkits and offerings demonstrate Qlik’s ongoing dedication to the developer community, which has its home at Qlik Branch, a forum where developers across the globe share and collaborate on open source projects and ignite innovation. Qlik Branch is a 25,000 member strong community which has doubled in size over the last year. These members also have access to Qlik Playground, a free programming environment where they can learn about, use and experiment with Qlik’s Associative Engine and APIs. By accessing public data sets (including their own GitHub data), they can create cool data-driven apps using powerful search, data retrieval without writing queries, charts with a single line of code and more.

Qonnections – A Developer Playground

The Qlik developer community not only works on shared corporate projects – they enthusiastically join forces to drive world-impacting hackathons like the one taking place at Qonnections, which is focused on helping Qlik Corporate Responsibility partner C40 Cities address climate change with data from the City of Boston (C40 Steering Committee member) and their Greenovate Boston movement. The community is also well represented at this year’s Qonnections with a dedicated Developer Track filled with 24 sessions. Highlights include eight developer-centric sessions dedicated to getting hands on with Qlik Core. The tracks also highlight Qlik APIs and open source libraries and offer Q&As with the Qlik R&D team and the Qlik Developer Relations team.

“Developers are a core part of the ecosystem that drives innovation in analytics,” said James Fisher, Qlik Sr. Vice President, Strategic Marketing. “With Qlik Core and our growing set of developer tool kits, Qlik is meeting developers where they live, at scale, to bring any data-driven application idea to life.”

About Qlik

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