BI Tools Comparison Kit

Essential resources for selecting the best BI tool

The stakes are high when selecting the best BI tool for your organization. Successful BI and analytics initiatives rely on thoughtfully weighing a variety of factors. From platform features and functionality, to total cost of ownership (TCO) and user experience, there is much to consider. Add a diverse BI vendor landscape, and the selection process becomes complex and time consuming.

Fortunately, we’ve made selecting the best BI tool a bit easier. Our BI Tools Comparison Kit outlines the top questions to ask a BI vendor, compares the TCO of leading solutions, highlights findings from the world’s largest survey of BI users, and illustrates how to create a data literate workforce.

Download the BI Tools Comparison Kit, for immediate access to:

  • Data Analytics Buyer's Guide

  • TCO Comparison Guide: Qlik vs. Tableau

  • 10 Ways Qlik Outperforms Tableau — and Always Has

  • TCO Comparison Guide: Qlik vs. Tableau vs. Power BI

  • 10 Ways Qlik Outperforms Power BI — and Always Has

  • BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 23: Qlik Highlights

  • How 10 Leading Organizations Use Analytics to Spark Change

  • The 6-Step Framework for Developing a Data Literate Workforce

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