Azure Data Warehousing

What it is, Why it Matters, Tools, and Best Practices.

What is Azure Data Warehousing?

Microsoft's cloud data warehouse, Azure Synapse (formerly SQL Data Warehouse), provides the enterprise with significant advantages for processing and analyzing data for business intelligence. From high performance analytics, scalable technology and reduced costs, Azure data warehousing easily outperforms traditional on-premises data warehouse solutions.

Getting the most from Azure data warehousing implementations requires solutions for easily migrating data from on-premises systems. But migrating data to a new data warehouse environment can be time-consuming and difficult, introducing unacceptable performance issues and security risks in the process.

For organizations seeking to move quickly, efficiently and securely to Azure data warehousing, Qlik provides a simpler and faster way to realize the benefits of a cloud data warehouse with Microsoft Azure.

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What Innovative technology for Azure Data Warehousing can do for your company?

IT teams can simplify and accelerate data migration from many databases to an Azure data warehousing implementation. Qlik provides a simple graphical interface and enables administrators to automate replication from end to end. Streamlined and agentless configuration make it easy to control and monitor replication tasks from multiple sources to Azure data warehousing without needing a deep understanding of the environment or coding requirements. Log-based change data capture (CDC) technology enables continuous replication for zero downtime and minimal impact on source database systems.

Top Cloud Data Warehouses for the Enterprise

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Benefits for Azure Data Warehousing

  • Simplify Azure data warehousing with automated processes, including bulk and real-time CDC replication, data definition language (DDL) updates and automatic target schema creation.

  • Optimize performance by efficiently transferring data over wide area networks to Azure data warehousing implementations, leveraging advanced Qlik data transfer technology to accelerate migration.

  • Improve data availability with the ability to recover seamlessly from interrupted transfers by leveraging bi-directional replication.

  • Ensure data security with AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Enable migration from major data sources, including all major RDBMS, data warehouses and mainframe systems.

  • Centralize control of migration and replication tasks across hundreds or thousands of endpoints, using a single pane of glass to minimize administrative burden.

Creating an Analytics-Ready Data Warehouse in Azure Synapse in less than 10 Minutes

Creating an analytics-ready data warehouse in Azure Synapse in less than 10 minutes

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