SQL Migration

Seeking faster adoption of Microsoft SQL Server, many enterprises need a solution that can accelerate SQL migration with zero downtime.

There are lots of reasons to consider a move to SQL Server. Able to run both on premises or on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, this leading database and data warehousing platform can help to reduce costs, improve ROI, enhance agility and increase productivity. SQL Server can also help to improve data connectivity and data prep for analytics by consolidating heterogeneous data into a single repository while improving security of data assets.

The biggest challenge of adopting SQL Server is ensuring zero downtime during SQL migration. When refreshing and transferring data to new databases, organizations need to keep current databases fully operational and allow users and applications access to data during the SQL migration process. To smooth migration, enterprises need an SQL migration tool that can enable near real-time transactional replication to minimize impact on source database production and SQL databases. And to minimize the burden on IT teams, enterprises require a solution that can automatically adjust data types from various sources as it is transferred during SQL migration.

Qlik Replicate®: simple, reliable SQL migration

Qlik Replicate enables fast and smooth SQL migration using change data capture for SQL server and continuous replication capabilities. As a universal data replication and data ingestion solution, Qlik Replicate moves data easily, securely and efficiently with minimal operational impact.

Qlik’s solution for SQL migration provides:

  • Zero downtime. With Qlik, IT teams can migrate databases to SQL with virtually no down time, enabling databases to stay operational during migration process.
  • Continuous SQL migration. Any changes to data in source databases can be continuously replicated to target SQL server databases through Change Data Capture (CDC) technology that enables users and applications to always have access to real-life time data.
  • Ease-of-use. Qlik Replicate requires no additional software to be installed and enables automatic SQL migration and replication to be configured with just a few clicks.

Benefits of SQL migration with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate SQL migration enables faster and easier adoption of Microsoft SQL Server. The solution ensures data integrity and configurable automation for fast and easy processing, enabling IT teams to accelerate SQL migration while reducing the time and effort required to manage, monitor and integrate heterogeneous data. Qlik Replicate adheres to industry best practices as it moves data at high speed from source to target and keeps it up to date in real time.

Qlik Replicate supports industry’s broadest range of sources for SQL migration, including all major RDBMS, applications like SAP and legacy mainframe systems. Replicate also integrates seamlessly with Qlik Compose®, an agile ETL and data transformation tool for real-time data warehousing.


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