Hadoop Big Data

Apache Hadoop Big Data software is an open-source framework for storing data, running applications and managing Big Data Analytics on clusters of commodity hardware. Hadoop Big Data technology makes it easier and more cost-effective for organizations to use data from a wide variety of sources for predictive analytics, machine learning applications, data mining, process optimization, performance improvement and more.

The power of using Hadoop for Big Data is that a Hadoop data lake can store and process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data much more efficiently than traditional data warehouses and relational databases. Hadoop Big Data is stored in what’s called a “data lake”. The benefits of a data lake vs. data warehouse include more cost-efficient storage, greater agility and more comprehensive aggregation of data from disparate sources. By giving organizations easier access to much larger data sets, Hadoop Big Data implementations can help find patterns, correlations, business intelligence and insight in ways that traditional analytics tools cannot.

One of the challenges of managing Hadoop Big Data is efficiently ingesting and integrating information from a wide variety of sources. This task often requires IT teams to engage in time-consuming manual coding, or to develop skills in a variety of open-source data loading tools like Apache Sqoop. Many enterprises lack the skilled talent necessary to ingest Hadoop Big Data efficiently, while other organizations find they must spend a disproportionate amount of resources on integrating data for Hadoop analytics.

Qlik Replicate®: Leading Tool for Ingesting Hadoop Big Data

Qlik Replicate is a universal data replication solution that enables organizations to accelerate ingestion and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms. As a leading Hadoop solution, Qlik Replicate enables IT teams to accelerate Hadoop Big Data ingestion at scale from a wide range of sources, ensuring high performance while delivering data efficiently to a variety of data lakes.

Qlik Replicate simplifies Hadoop Big Data ingestion by enabling administrators to use an intuitive graphical user interface to quickly and easily set up data feeds. With Qlik Replicate, administrators can ingest data from hundreds or thousands of databases without needing to write code or understanding the technical complexities of the ingestion process.

Advantages for Hadoop Big Data Ingestion

When managing Hadoop Big Data ingestion with Qlik Replicate, organizations can:

  • Improve performance while reducing risk, with certified and optimized integration into all Hadoop distributions, including MapR, Hortonworks, and Cloudera.
  • Support multiple source systems with a platform that enables Hadoop Big Data ingestion from all major RDBMS, mainframe systems and data warehouses.
  • Integrate easily with other Big Data tools like Apache NiFi.
  • Ingest incremental data sets efficiently and continuously with enterprise-class CDC technology that provides near-zero latency, linear scalability and immediate data delivery.
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