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Qlik Compose delivers new generation ETL automation for an agile data warehouse. It automates data warehouse design, development, testing, deployment and change management. By freeing you from the mundane, manual and repetitive aspects of ETL, BI teams can flexibly deliver timely insights to the business on-premise and in the cloud.

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses is designed to:

  • Quickly model, generate, load, update and maintain data warehouses.

  • Streamline data structures and ETL generation.

  • Rapidly deploy and maintain data marts without manual coding.

  • Generate end-to-end workflow from data ingestion to report generation.

  • Automatically create and manage metadata, documentation and data lineage.

Qlik Data Integration Solutions: Qlik Compose for Snowflake video

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We were looking for a data warehouse automation tool with a visual and model-based approach, as well as one that would reduce the need for our IT team to do large amounts of coding themselves. Qlik Compose is that solution. It has saved and will continue to save us many hours of labor.”

René Valencourt
Software and Data Architect, Poly-Wood LLC