Qlik Supports ‘A Day for Democracy’ With Pledge to Give Employees Time and Resources to Vote in the Nov. 3 General Election

CEOs From Over 200 U.S. Headquartered Organizations Providing Employees Time Off and Resources to Exercise Their Democratic Right to Vote

September 16, 2020

Philadelphia Qlik® has joined the effort of over 200 companies across the United States in supporting ‘A Day for Democracy,’ a non-partisan effort by the private sector to enable all employees to engage in the democratic process through resources and time off during the November 3, 2020 election cycle.

“It’s our duty as citizens to engage in the democratic process,” said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. “By joining ‘A Day for Democracy,’ Qlik is proudly committing to making it possible for every U.S. employee not only in our organization, but hopefully many more, to more easily exercise their right to vote this election season.”

‘A Day for Democracy’ is a non-partisan initiative founded by CEOs, which launched in late August to encourage leaders across the United States to pledge to increase voter registration and participation for employees. The over 200 CEOs who have made the pledge – ranging from organizations like Staples, Bank of America, Vanguard and the Boston Red Sox – have commited to act in support of the voting process, ranging from giving employees time off to vote, to helping employees register and access their right to vote in local, state and national elections on the terms that best meet their needs, whether it be at polling locations or safely from home.

The United States has one of the lowest voter participation rates of any democracy in the world -- less than 56 percent of the U.S. voting age population cast ballots in the last presidential election. U.S. voters face unique challenges during this election cycle, with less volunteers and polling locations expected, likely leading to longer lines that will potentially limit voter turnout and participation. Through ‘A Day for Democracy,’ organizational leaders have a variety of ways they can enable employees to more easily vote, ranging from directly registering their organization through the site, to supporting employees through TurboVote, a leading online service that aims to help individuals vote in every election. 

Organizations that take the pledge will be provided a full enablement toolkit to help employees register and vote in whatever form is best for them. Companies that take the pledge can also show their support by posting on https://www.linkedin.com/company/a-day-for-democracy/ and other social channels with the hashtag #NotJustAPromise.

“Given the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more important to find new ways to help all U.S. citizens exercise their right to vote,” said Peter Palandjian, Chairman and CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation and founder of A Day for Democracy. “The private sector has a unique opportunity to give its employees the tools and time needed to safely and proactively engage in the democratic process. We’re calling on all C-level leaders to join the pledge and help their employees have their voices heard on November 3.”

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