NTT Data Deploys Qlik to Achieve Digital Transformation of Procurement Processes and Reduce Operational Costs

NTT Data has been at the forefront of transforming businesses through digital and IT modernization and managed services, enabling their customers to move confidently into the digital future.

February 01, 2023

TOKYOQlik® today announced NTT Data Corporation, the leading innovator of IT and business services, has adopted Qlik Sense® to analyze and actively draw insights from highly dense procurement data on externally acquired IT products and services.

NTT Data has been at the forefront of transforming businesses through digital and IT modernization and managed services, enabling their customers to move confidently into the digital future. Over the past few years, NTT Data has embarked on modernizing its own vast procurement processes to better equip its business functions and units with real-time, fact-based decision-making capabilities.

Part of this effort is putting in place a mechanism to determine optimal procurement pricing to ensure fair pricing practices across the company. Several business divisions and units within NTT Data previously conducted daily time-consuming purchasing operations such as product selection, quotation acquisition, and purchase orders.

NTT Data collaborated with Qlik to build a system to provide each business unit with real-time purchasing insights. Leveraging Qlik’s analytics capabilities, NTT Data has enabled its teams to cross-compare data and make better informed decisions daily, while also reducing operational costs.

“With the dramatic advances in AI and IoT technologies in recent years, the importance of data utilization within NTT Data is increasing every day to improve the value provided to our customers as well as gain a competitive advantage,” said Momoyo Okada, Manager of NTT Data's Procurement Department. “By focusing on our procurement data, and gaining value from this data using Qlik, we are able to provide the right data to the right people, allowing for data-driven decision making that accelerates innovation throughout the business.”

Qlik is also used in a public cloud platform with enhanced security provided by NTT Data to automate and streamline the collection, processing, and analysis of company-wide data stored in multiple formats. NTT Data developed this platform to meet the needs of financial institutions, business corporations, and public institutions wanting to analyze data in a more secure and safe public cloud environment, thus enabling employees in various business units to make solid data-driven decisions by expanding the scope of data utilization within their companies.

“We are pleased to be able to help NTT Data build a data-driven business operation system with Qlik,” said Hiroshi Imai, Country Manager for Qlik in Japan. “We will continue to support NTT Data in further optimizing its business processes and increasing its corporate value through real-time data collection and agile actions facilitated by Qlik.”

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About NTT Data

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