Malmö Redhawks Using Qlik Cloud for Game-Changing Increases in Performance

Swedish Ice Hockey Team Leveraging Analytics For 360° View of Player Training, Health and On-Ice Results

May 23, 2023

Stockholm – Qlik® today announced that Swedish professional ice hockey team Malmö Redhawks is using Qlik Cloud® to analyze each player’s daily training results and well-being to improve overall team performance results.

Malmö Redhawks is using Qlik in a cloud-based platform called Hat-TriQ developed by sports analytics company Stretch On Sense. The platform was developed to provide the team with detailed analyses of each player’s performance and well-being in a single platform, enabling coaching staff to make informed decisions and to better facilitate reaching team goals.

“Using data gives you a backbone to make the right decisions. Effectively, you are giving yourself the best chance of winning,” said Andreas Hadelöv, sports analyst at Malmö Redhawks. “With Hat-TriQ, based on Qlik, we have an analytical tool where we can get maximum value from our data because the whole organization communicates and speaks the same language, which makes it a real game-changer for us.”   

Malmö Redhawks has been working with Stretch On Sense for two years. The team is a pioneer and the first professional sports team to use the Hat-TriQ platform. Hat-TriQ is based on advanced sports analytics that starts with how teams train, play and feel. Data is collected from sensors connected to players, with cameras capturing each individual during a game; measuring when they take a shot and what the result is, for example. Additionally, player mental health measures are blended into the results, providing team managers with a comprehensive overview of the team.

Another important application for Malmö staff is how Hat-TriQ delivers statistics about players who are about to be injured or if the player has overloaded a muscle during training. This data is vital in helping to minimize the number of injuries while allowing the coach to start the healthiest players in each game.

“Together with Stretch On Sense, we have developed a product that takes professional sports to the next level. With a simple plug-and-play integration, sports teams can quickly and efficiently analyze data and get a clear view of what, when and how they should practice and play. Sports teams can now get insights that will benefit their performance, reduce the risk of injury and help them reach their goals," says Francisco Mateo-Sidron, Senior Vice President and Head of EMEA for Qlik. 

“With Hat-TriQ, teams can analyze games and training sessions through statistics and get quick and user-friendly insights into their performance. Since all the data is collected in one place, coaches, players and other employees in the organization get the same understanding of the team’s situation,” says Martin Sahlin, founder and CTO of Stretch On Sense.

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