Hitachi Omika Works Adopts Qlik to Help Unify Information and Respond Quickly to Supply Chain Challenges

Hitachi Omika Works Leverages Qlik Analytics Alongside Other Services to Enable Risk Analysis for Faster and Accurate Response Strategies

September 05, 2023

TOKYO – Qlik® today announced the Social Innovation Company Hitachi, Ltd. has adopted Qlik analytics with additional services within its Hitachi Omika Works. This has enabled the division to analyze and draw insights from data, enabling better risk analysis while eliminating ambiguity for faster decision making across its organization.

Hitachi Omika Works is responsible for information and control systems for public infrastructure and industrial fields. The increasingly diverse needs of utility companies, and the unprecedented tight demand for parts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased the need for risk analysis and the visualization of information across the entire supply chain. In addition, the increased high demand highlighted a serious inefficiency in supply chain management, as the company was having to manage hundreds of thousands of data points in Excel.

“Most important to us is to have fast access to accurate data. Qlik has enabled us to visualize information, which ensures decision making is easier. Qlik is the solution to our supply chain data needs,” said Atsumi Furukawa, Supply Chain Management Center, General Manager, Omika Works, Control System Platform Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

The Omika Works has introduced a solution provided by Hitachi Social Information Services (Hitachi SIS), also a subsidiary of the Group, which makes Excel-based work more efficient and in turn has adopted Qlik as its analytics tool. Qlik unifies and analyzes data on the fluid status of suppliers, ensuring processes in the supply chain are easily visible.

As a result, related departments across Hitachi Omika Works have reduced man-hours required to confirm delivery dates with suppliers by up to 33% since the introduction of Qlik, improving overall efficiency by simply working from a single source of truth. This has empowered the teams to speed up and streamline operations and take more specific actions when required, including broadening the scope of data utilization and aiming to conduct dynamic data analysis in the future through data mining and text mining.

“We are honored to be supporting the Hitachi Omika Works team,” said Hiroshi Imai, Country Manager, Qlik Japan. “In choosing Qlik, Hitachi is meeting their complex data analytics requirements, supporting risk analysis and enabling timely decision making. It’s vital Qlik delivers tangible business benefits to our customers and in this case, it’s the meaningful operational improvements we’re achieving together.”

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