ELA Container Achieves Transparency in Key Metrics with Qlik Sense

Container expert keeps an eye on important KPIs with Qlik visual analytics

November 15, 2016

Radnor, PA – Qlik®, a leader in visual analytics, today announced that ELA Container GmbH, the specialist when it comes to mobile space solutions in container construction, is using Qlik Sense® in six countries around the world to achieve greater transparency around operational information, including utilization, availability, orders, inventory, and revenue.

Hitting a wall with Microsoft Excel, ELA Container needed an analytics platform that could handle large amounts of data and provide the necessary governance for all users. ELA decided on Qlik, through Qlik Solution Provider Corporate Planning, who advises ELA in other areas of the business.

In their Live Management System, which is tracked via a Qlik Sense cockpit, ELA management now has access to a quick and easy overview of all the most important data on container utilization and availability, as well as new orders and business revenue. Branch managers are able to easily see what is going into and out of the containers and can compare their figures with those of other branches. The departments can now better coordinate the orders, get an overview of their rental stock at any time and find containers of the desired characteristics – such as availability, features, color and size. What surprised ELA was both the high speed of Qlik’s data analysis and the ease of use – ELA staff could use Qlik without it impacting their performance. This was a clear factor which contributed to a high user acceptance at ELA.

The IT team is convinced of the benefits of the visualization platform, commenting: “We tested Qlik Sense and then put it in front of the IT team. They were thrilled by the simple administration and the extensive possibilities. In some cases, the IT team has even come to us to see if the platform can help them with something they’re working on. For example, we’ve been working with them to visualize the company‘s energy management and power consumption,” said Matthias Brink, Head of Controlling at ELA Container.

ELA also plans to expand their use of Qlik Sense to other operations in Europe and the Middle East.

About ELA Container
Family-owned company ELA from the Emsland has been developing its rental service and room system technology continually since 1972. Its dedicated fleet of 60 special trucks with loading cranes ensures safe transport and installation. Bases throughout Europe permit quick deliveries anywhere on short notice. ELA has twelve rental centres and 550 employees, including 35 mobile specialist advisors, in Europe. www.ela-container.com

About Qlik
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