Analytics Through Qlik Helps Openreach Reduce Business Fibre Connection Installation Times by Half

March 18, 2019

PhiladelphiaQlik has partnered with Openreach, the UK’s digital network business, to transform customer service through analytics, reducing by half the time it takes Openreach to connect up fibre broadband customers.

Qlik collates data from Openreach’s multiple systems and presents it in a user-friendly format, giving managers a clearer view into the nature of live customer orders - including how long each job has been waiting for completion - enabling faster response time and decision to action.

Openreach initially began working with Qlik in 2017 with a pilot to improve performance in its Fibre and Network Delivery (FND) team. This team is responsible for the rollout of fibre across the UK, with a focus on businesses and key services provider Ethernet customers such as schools, hospitals and mobile cell sites. Qlik is now being used by 1,000 field-based managers across the FND team, and Openreach plans to roll Qlik out more widely later this year to include its service delivery arm and ultimately its field engineers.

Even with Ethernet order volumes increasing, Qlik has been one of the enablers which has:

  • Helped reduce the average time between order and installation of an Ethernet circuit from 75 working days to 35 working days; and
  • Supported a year-on-year increase in total orders completed, double-digit percentage increases in the installed customer base, and unprecedented improvements in customer satisfaction scores.

“18 months ago, we set out to transform the service we offer to our business customers. Our teams are tasked with improving customer service, and the latest analytics solutions have given our people the ability to make their own decisions on how best to complete orders and tackle problems in their local area,” said Kevin Murphy, MD Fibre and Network Delivery, Openreach. “Working with Qlik has significantly improved both operational efficiency and customer service and encouraged our teams to embrace data analytics.”

“Our work with Openreach is testament to the impact that data analytics can have in supporting the evolution of the UK’s digital infrastructure,” said Johan Salenstedt, Vice President and General Manager, Northern Europe, Qlik. “Its applications have demonstrated how easily digestible data can improve the daily working lives of engineering teams, and subsequently, the service levels experienced by businesses that Openreach serves. The potential for telecoms organisations such as Openreach to benefit from a data-driven culture is huge, particularly as Britain undergoes this connectivity revolution.”

About Openreach

Openreach is the UK’s digital network business. We’re 30,400 people who connect homes, mobile phone masts, schools, shops, banks, hospitals, libraries, broadcasters, governments and businesses - large and small - to the world. Our mission is to build the best possible network, with the highest quality service, making sure that everyone in Britain can be connected.

We work on behalf of more than 600 communications providers like SKY, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and BT, and our fibre broadband network is the biggest in the UK, passing more than 27 million premises. We’re also the platform for Britain’s thriving digital economy, which is the largest in the G20.

We’re working hard to give people the speeds they need to run and enjoy their daily lives. Over the last decade, we’ve invested more than £11 billion into our network and we now manage more than 160 million kilometres of cable stretching from Scotland to Cornwall, from Wales to the east coast. And we’re continuing to take that network further - making superfast broadband speeds available to thousands more homes and businesses every week.

Openreach is a wholly owned and independently governed division of the BT Group, and it is a highly regulated business, with more than 90 per cent of our revenues generated from services that are regulated by Ofcom. Any company can access our products under the same prices, terms and conditions. For the year ended 31 March 2018, we reported revenues of £5.1bn. For more information, visit

About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, one where everyone can use data to solve their most challenging problems. Only Qlik’s end-to-end data management and analytics platform brings together all of an organization’s data from any source, enabling people at any skill level to use their curiosity to uncover new insights. Companies use Qlik to see more deeply into customer behavior, reinvent business processes, discover new revenue streams, and balance risk and reward. Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 48,000 customers around the world.


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