Letter from the CEO

Our Commitment to QlikView® Customers

I am writing directly to you to underscore our commitment to you, our valued community of loyal QlikView customers.

During my tenure at Qlik, I’ve spoken to hundreds of customers, and it's clear to me how passionate you are about Qlik® products and the transformative difference they have made to your businesses. When you depend on a product that much, you naturally want it to be well taken care of. I can assure you that we remain committed to your success and to helping you solve your critical BI and data challenges now and into the future.

We will continue to release and support QlikView for the foreseeable future. We will continue investing in QlikView with a focus on delivering capabilities that support your goals, such as extending capabilities in Qlik’s cloud. Support of QlikView releases will continue to follow the standard Qlik cycle for each release.

Our Qlik customer surveys have indicated that our most satisfied customers utilize Qlik Sense in addition to QlikView. Trends also point to a dramatic increase in the adoption of SaaS for BI deployment. Aligned to this feedback and these trends, we have launched the Analytics Modernization Program to make easier to continue to use QlikView and start using Qlik Sense, together.

Through the program, your QlikView users will gain Qlik Sense entitlement for a modest uplift on your annual QlikView maintenance rate. We’ve invested in the needs of our QlikView customers adopting Qlik Sense by adding more customizable visualizations and dashboarding capabilities to Qlik Sense. You can further benefit under this program by moving to Qlik’s cloud. QlikView and Qlik Sense apps can now be hosted in a single place with a single hub using Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. This will not only make it easier for your users, but also reduce your total cost of ownership for analytics.

We understand each of you have unique BI requirements; and as your business evolves, so will your use cases. We know that some of you will continue to leverage QlikView, while others will quickly adopt Qlik Sense. And, as we have seen in several cases, many will recognize the value in running both products along the path toward modernization.

We've heard you. You want greater flexibility and expanded choice, and we want to support you as your data and analytics needs change. Your success and the reliance you have on the Qlik platform to make better business decisions based on data is why we're here. We're inspired by the insights and discoveries you make every day and we're honored that you've selected Qlik.


Signature from Qlik CEO Mike Capone

Mike Capone
CEO, Qlik