Letter from the CEO

Our Commitment to QlikView®

I am writing directly to you – our valued community – to underscore our commitment to QlikView®.

Since I’ve joined Qlik, I’ve been talking with customers and it's clear to me how passionate you are about Qlik® products and the transformative difference they have made to your businesses. When you depend on a product that much, you want it to be well taken care of. I can assure you that under my watch, you will continue to be fully supported. While we have expanded our portfolio over the years, we remain committed to QlikView and to your success.

We will continue to invest in the QlikView product roadmap into the foreseeable future. Our focus is on delivering features that our enterprise customers are looking for in the product, such as advanced analytics integration, on demand application generation, hybrid cloud deployment capabilities, increased coexistence and platform integration, and further enhancements around performance, security, management, and scalability. For more information on our product roadmap, please refer to our statement of direction.

Furthermore, at Qonnections I announced that we would launch a highly compelling offer to enable existing QlikView customers to more cost effectively adopt the Qlik Sense® platform, while maintaining your QlikView footprint. With this dual-use offer, a customer can simply elect to uplift current QlikView maintenance by a modest percentage, and receive equivalent access to Qlik Sense for the same user that is entitled to use QlikView. This unlocks significant value for our customers and gives you more options and control over your use of Qlik products.

Each of you has unique needs and use cases. Some will continue to leverage QlikView. Others will leverage Qlik Sense. And many see the value in running both products to support different use cases. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. We've heard you. You want the flexibility and we want to support you no matter which product you choose.

Your success and the dependency you have on the Qlik platform to run your business is why we're here. We're inspired by the insights and discoveries you make every day and we're honored that you've selected Qlik.


Mike Capone
CEO, Qlik

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