Attunity is now part of Qlik

Qlik acquired Attunity in May of 2019 to help organizations overcome the complex challenges of quickly transforming data into business value. With the addition of Attunity’s innovative data integration technology and expertise, Qlik delivers the only end-to-end solution for data integration and analytics.

The Qlik Data Integration Platform

Attunity technology is at the core of our modern data integration capabilities.
  • Real-Time Data Streaming (CDC)

    Extend enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices with a simple, real-time and universal solution.
  • Agile Data Warehouse Automation

    Quickly design, build, deploy and manage purpose-built Data Warehouses without manual coding.
  • Managed Data Lake Creation

    Automate complex ingestion and transformation processes to provide continuously updated and analytics-ready data lakes.

Qlik products from the Attunity acquisition

We have changed the names of all Attunity products as follows:

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