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People are the source of business success. To maximize the value of your most important business asset, HR and leadership must be able to deeply understand workforce effectiveness and confidently predict the impact of change. The best people analytics make that possible, leveraging all your people data so you can recruit the right talent, make them happier and more productive, and help every line of business thrive.

  • Lenovo now has one source of truth

    Lenovo uses Qlik to create one source of truth and leverage self-service analytics that enables them to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions.
  • DocuSign tears down data silos

    DocuSign began its data transformation journey with Qlik by bringing together data from many different sources. Plus, Qlik self-service analytics enables between 80 and 90% of apps to be developed by business users rather than the BI team.
  • Samsung increases sales and efficiency

    Samsung’s area development managers needed data insight on the go on store sales and inventory to keep outlets within standards. Samsung chose Qlik over Tableau and Power BI due to Qlik’s robust embedded analytics capabilities and the retail mobile Qlik app has increased field visit efficiency by 20%.

Équilibrer l'aspect financier des soins basés sur la valeur

Améliorer la prise en charge des patients tout en minimisant les coûts est une équation complexe. Qlik permet aux systèmes de soins de révéler de nouvelles manières de réduire les coûts et d'optimiser les paiements, tout en assurant une meilleure prise en charge des patients. Combinez vos données financières et cliniques pour être certain de ne pas en faire trop au niveau des services et pas assez au niveau des soins, découvrir de nouvelles manières d'accélérer les remboursements et réduire les rejets de demande.
  • E2open provides partners real-time analytics

    E2open revolutionizes supply chain management software by creating real-time visibility and a single, connected platform for all planning needs. Qlik analytics, embedded in the E2open platform, provides quick, actionable insights for all ecosystem partners.
  • Amadeus allows customers to analyze their data

    Amadeus, a leader in SaaS solutions for the airline industry, embeds Qlik inside its complex ecosystem of processes and operation tools to help their customers analyze their own big data on booking, scheduling and sales.
  • Microland sets itself apart by giving customers visibility

    Microland, an IT service management leader, incorporated Qlik as the visualization layer for its SmartInsights platform of pre-built dashboards and KPIs for its customers. This has differentiated Microland from their competition and reduced resolution times.

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