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Wondering about Qlik + Talend? What we learned at QlikWorld

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As advertised, QlikWorld 2023 was a thrill ride

From April 17 – 20, data experts gathered in Las Vegas for QlikWorld 2023. Qlik welcomed about 1,300 onsite attendees, and more than 13,000 attendees joined online for live-streamed keynotes. 

Paul Hsu, Talend’s Senior Director of Integrated Go-To-Market Programs, described the mood: “QlikWorld 2023 was Qlik’s first in-person QlikWorld since COVID and the energy, the vibe, and the passion around being back in person was second to none. Sitting in the general sessions and participating in our breakouts and workshops brought back a level of excitement that simply could not be replicated from a virtual user conference.”

Data experts from around the world in every industry spent the week learning in standing-room-only sessions, getting certified, strengthening existing partnerships, and planting the seeds of new ones.

Talend was in the spotlight at QlikWorld 2023

Qlik announced its intent to acquire Talend in January. While it’s possible that some QlikWorld attendees had missed the memo before landing in Las Vegas, anybody who left without hearing the news simply wasn’t paying attention!

The data industry has been buzzing with curiosity and speculation about the potential for Qlik and Talend technologies to work together. At QlikWorld 2023, Qlik and Talend executives were able to provide a picture of their respective capabilities.

As a Diamond sponsor of QlikWorld 2023, Talend was proud to introduce ourselves to QlikWorld attendees:

theCUBE delivered background and commentary

Talend piqued the interest of industry analysts, who had lots of questions about the pending acquisition. theCUBE hosts Dave Vellante and Lisa Martin provided context, commentary, and questions throughout their live event coverage at QlikWorld. 

Dave Vellante had the opportunity to interview Qlik CEO, Mike Capone, about his merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy. Mike has been Qlik’s CEO since 2016, and Talend would be the tenth acquisition in his five-year tenure. Watch that conversation:

Excerpt licensed under CCBY license from SiliconANGLE and theCUBE 

“From the first day I got to Qlik, Talend was on my shopping list of companies that I thought would make an excellent partner for us,” Mike told Dave. “What Talend brings is data transformation — the ability to actually transform data in flight to help make it business-ready. They bring data quality, they bring data preparation, so these are highly complementary capabilities to our existing platform. So, we honestly think it’s a match made in heaven.”

Qlik and Talend executives discussed alignment

On Day 2 of QlikWorld, Qlik Chief Strategy Officer, Drew Clarke, and Talend Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Kiser, sat down together for an interview with theCUBE. They discussed technology fit, culture fit, Qlik’s stages of integration for companies they acquire, and the anticipated impact for Qlik and Talend customers.

Learn more about Talend and Qlik technology

Do you want more details about how Talend and Qlik products could potentially work together? Visit our technical blog for Product Roadmap commentary from Talend’s Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering, Christophe Antoine.

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