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Why So Many Organizations are Achieving Great Success with Qlik and Snowflake

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Last week at QlikWorld we shared how customers across every industry (leaders like ABB and Best Buy, just to name a few) are driving their data strategies forward through the powerful combination Qlik and Snowflake.

With Snowflake Summit just a few short weeks away, we wanted to dive deeper into just what’s driving these customers to deploy Qlik alongside Snowflake, and how similar those drivers are to what’s accelerating today’s enterprise transformation efforts.

The cloud is the go-to platform for modern analytics. Enterprises want approaches and technologies that enable analytics in the cloud to deliver more value with quicker iterations and fewer resources. That requires modernizing data warehousing processes to embrace automation, agility and real-time data.

Per Gartner’s “The Impact of Data Warehouse Automaton” by Henry Cook, published 30 December 2021:

  • By 2023, 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform, reducing the DBMS vendor landscape and increasing complexity for data governance and integration.

  • By 2024, 50% of new system deployments in the cloud will be based on a cohesive cloud data ecosystem rather than on manually integrated point solutions.

This matches so well to what the combination of Qlik and Snowflake delivers – automating the data warehouse, optimizing real-time data pipelines, delivering a secure data catalog and capping it all with industry-leading analytics.

Qlik’s solution for Snowflake automates the design, implementation and updates of data warehouses and data marts while minimizing the manual, error-prone design processes of data modeling, ETL coding and scripting. As a result, you can speed analytics projects, achieve greater agility and reduce risk – all while fully realizing the instant elasticity and cost advantages of Snowflake’s cloud-built data platform.

“In our dynamic industry, it’s essential to deliver continuously updated and analytic-ready data that drives decisions and improves insights. The unique combination of Qlik and Snowflake enables the agility our business demands.” – Dallas Thornton, Director of Digital Services, PACCAR

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Diagram titled "Qlik and Snowflake at a Glance" showing the data flow from data sources through Qlik products through Snowflake Data Platform Cloud to Governance & Catalog as well as Analytics applications

Together, Qlik and Snowflake empower you to:

  • Ingest and deliver data from multiple sources to Snowflake in real time

  • Fully automate and dramatically accelerate the entire data warehouse lifecycle

  • Support your data analytics workflows at any scale

  • Give business users a single, central place to find, combine and publish data sets

  • Empower all users, at any skill level, to discover bolder business insights

To hear more about our innovations powering the combination Qlik and Snowflake, including our new Direct Query capabilities, please attend my Snowflake Summit presentation on Wednesday, June 15th at 10:00 AM PDT or stop by our booth 717. For additional information about how Qlik works with Snowflake, you can visit here.

And if you missed any of our great Snowflake related QlikWorld sessions, register today to experience the event on-demand!

“The cloud is the go-to platform for modern #analytics.” Read how @SnowflakeDB and #Qlik are delivering more value with quicker iterations and fewer resources.

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