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Waving our Pride Flag — Celebrating Pride Month at Qlik

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Happy Pride Month! This June, I and many others will be proudly celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Pride, to me, is mostly about community, and I’m grateful to help lead our Qlik LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (“ERG”) and look forward to celebrating Pride at Qlik this year.

Rally – The ERG holds two very important roles. It is a place where the community and allies can rally together and provide support through the good times and bad. There is much to be joyful for in terms of progressing equality, and during Pride, we celebrate the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ culture. However, much work remains to achieve LGBTQ+ equality around the world; I’m grateful to our ERG as a community space where we can lean on one another and provide support as we rally together.

Opportunity – As the executive sponsor of the LGBTQ+ ERG, I draw a lot of parallels in the fight for individual freedoms to what drew me to a legal career in the first place. I take a huge sense of pride (pun intended) in working with others to identify how we can leverage our group for good and participate in this movement together.

Visibility – Today, many are much more comfortable being their authentic selves, in their personal as well as professional lives, in comparison with previous generations. This visibility matters hugely, especially to the younger generation; seeing LGBTQ+ people open and succeeding in work and leadership roles illustrates that you do not need to hide who you are. At Qlik, the support from Qlik leadership creates an environment of openness, where diversity is respected, marking Qlik’s commitment to inclusion and belonging, for which I am very grateful.

Goals – Many things have changed since I first started at Qlik over 10 years ago. Through all the change, there has been one constant; I have always found Qlik to be an inclusive place, and my #1 goal as executive sponsor of the LGBTQ+ ERG is continuing to support and encourage this sense of inclusion, acceptance, and celebration.

Belonging – One of the most notable benefits to being in an ERG is the involvement with the other ERGs at our company. This provides me with a great opportunity to learn from other leaders and colleagues, as they share their own experiences. I believe our collaboration and openness are the most impactful factors to our professional well-being and our success as an organization.

Participation – Whether it comes from fellow ERGs, colleagues, or notable executives, our ERG could not have found success without the support of our community of Qlikkies. It is truly meaningful to see your company support you, and it brings me great joy to see Qlik stand with us, whether that be supporting our initiatives, celebrating Pride Month, or having the statement of our Pride flags as company logos for the month of June.

Qlik will be celebrating Pride all month long, from Drag Queen Bingo and Pride month trivia, to supporting the Point of Pride letter writing initiative. Join us in this celebration!

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