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Transforming Manufacturing Data: The Power of Qlik and Databricks Together

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Launch Partner: Lakehouse for Manufacturing: Lower costs, boost productivity, and unify your data ecosystem

Manufacturing is undergoing a massive transformation. Driven by technological advancements that generate vast amounts of data.

The industry is moving towards becoming smarter, more sustainable, and services driven. The fragmented nature of manufacturing’s data architecture however, has created barriers to realizing the full value of data, with many projects stalling at the Proof-of-Concept stage.

Qlik understands the challenges that manufacturers face and is committed to helping companies transform their data into a competitive advantage. By enabling access, analysis, and use of SAP, IT and OT data, and other sources, manufacturers are modernizing production, improving processes, and performance. To achieve this companies, need a comprehensive data platform that can handle and operationalize massive volumes of data. This is why Qlik is partnering with Databricks in the launch of their Lakehouse for Manufacturing solution.

"We’re honored to be a part of the launch of Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing solution. Our strategic partnership is helping our mutual customers innovate and turn data into value, with Qlik Data Integration accelerating the delivery of analytics-ready data from SAP and other enterprise data sources into the Manufacturing Lakehouse.” – Itamar Ankorion, SVP VP, Global Partners & Alliances, Qlik

Qlik is committed to helping manufacturers transform their businesses into smarter, more sustainable, and services-driven organizations. Our modern data analytics and integration platform alongside Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing is helping our mutual customers harness the full potential of their data and achieve real business value.

Companies like Mercedes-Benz are benefiting from this powerful combination. The Mercedes Benz MO360 Data Platform is the evolution of Mercedes-Benz’s digital production ecosystem. This is a unified data platform that includes integrated solutions from Databricks and Qlik, providing Mercedes-Benz with flexibility and cloud computing power to run artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics at a global scale while addressing cybersecurity and compliance standards across regions.

"Partners like Qlik are a critical part of our Lakehouse for Manufacturing solution. Manufacturers need to optimize production processes and gain real-time insights,” said Shiv Trisal, Global Industry Leader for Manufacturing at Databricks. “Qlik’s change data capture capabilities provide the ability to ingest and continually update data from databases, data warehouses, enterprise apps like SAP, and more - directly into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.”

Learn more about how data is transforming manufacturing and explore the power of Qlik and Databricks together. Join our experts during our joint webinar and learn how customers like Mercedes, Vale, and Greene Tweed are tackling challenges such as:

  • Reducing production and supply-chain friction points

  • Adapting to local and global disruptive events

  • Improving Overall Equipment Efficiency and production

Register now to gain invaluable insights and take the first step towards optimizing your manufacturing performance.

Qlik is thrilled to be a part of @databricks’ Lakehouse for Manufacturing launch. Our comprehensive set of pre-built accelerators and solutions built on top of the Databricks #Lakehouse enables the manufacturing industry to unify data, analytics, and AI use cases. Learn more.

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